The wrong narration

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The story is about a clerk’s wife being murdered brutally, And the rest of the atory depends on how it is being narrated and what actually is the correct narration and the murderer behind this

This is Croatia, one of the most beautiful counties ever, equally cunning too. Criminals are more, crimes are more, cowards aee equally cool, committing a crime was considered a sin, but for me, I did it for a cause.

This is the story of my soul, sailing smoothly in the summer, my name is Hamilton, a clerk in the local bank, a happy go lucky guy can never fall into this kind of trap, and leading the way killing people.

In a small village, a very far from the city, my wife and I lived independently in a small house, surrounded by trees and bushes, you need to travel 130 miles each day to reach my work place, but one day when it was late at night and returned from my work, my wife was tired and asleep, I prepared the dinner, her special dish, mushroom soup with cheese balls, went to her room to wake her up, she was lying down with her head turned towards the bed, I turned her around and was astonished to see her body dipped with blood, being stabbed a several times in her pregnant stomach, I took a few steps behind and no atom of tear stopped out from my eye. The next whole week I locked myself in the same room where I’ve seen my wife living and dying. Locked the door and started laughing and I didn’t stop until seven suns rose and set.

this was the reason caused me to turn myself into a psychopath.

I had 2 options, one was to call the police and tell them everything. Second was picking up the knife by which she was stabbed, and you know what I would do next.

I went to a tattoo shop, got up tattoos completely around my face, changed my fascial appearance, bought a gun, went back to my car, took out the knife, saved the fingerprints, ever wondered why would a clerk know hacking, but I did, scanned the fingerprints to see the history of suspects, found two people, it means that they were two people who help the knife during the time of the murder, I was searching for their pictures,these two people were- me, myself. I used my two hands to murder her, in fact she was not my wife,I am the criminal.

The story i narrated to you was right, but the order in which I did it is not. I was a bank clerk and my side business was doing crimes. One day I landed up in the jail because this women acted as proof and recorded all my murders on her phone and submitted it as an evidence to the police. Later after a month, i escaped from the jail and straightly went to the tattoo shop, printed few tattoos on my face, then went to her house, I caught the knife with my right hand and when I was about to stab her, I realized she was pregnant, but that didn’t bring up emotions from me, I cut my right hand while I was stabbing her so held the knife with my left hand and continued, after killing her, I ate the favourite food she cooked for herself, then got back into my car to hack into the criminal history and delete my fingerprints. Then laughed for an amount of seven suns.

”the narration was correct, but the way the narrator narrated was wrong.”


Submitted: April 03, 2018

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