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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Literary Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
Story of a stalking

Submitted: April 05, 2014

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Submitted: April 05, 2014




“Good news!” The doctor said as he looked down at his clipboard. “The leg doesn’t have to come off.” He smiled as he placed the clipboard down on the over bed table and moved the table away. 

“I guess that would be funny if I didn’t have so much pain in it.” The red headed woman lying in the hospital bed said pulling up the sheets to expose her cast. 

The cast ran from her foot to her hip and looked very uncomfortable. 

“I will increase the dosage in pain medication so that you will not feel so much discomfort.” The doctor said as he pulled out his pen light. He turned it on used it to look at her eyes. “Have you had any other problems or pain?” 

“No, none. “ She stated as she shook her head no. “How long will I have to wear this thing?” Karen replied 

“You will have to keep it on for about three months.” The doctor said as he wrote some notes down on his clipboard. 

“Three months!” Karen said shaking her head no. “How am I going to get around for three months with this thing on? I have to work; I can’t stay in this for that long.” 

“For the bones to heal correctly you have to wear it that long.” The doctor said as he walked away from her bed and towards the door. “I’ll have a nurse come in and give you information on how to get around while you have it on.” 

A few hours later a nurse walks into Karen’s room. Karen had fallen asleep. The nurse placed some pamphlets on the over bed table. She looked at the monitor then wrote some information down on the clipboard the doctor was writing in earlier. She looked over at Karen who had kicked off her blanket with her good leg. Karen’s hospital gown barely covered her pale skin which was bruised in several places. 

The nurse walked over to Karen’s bed and placed the blanket over Karen. 

Karen woke up the following morning to breakfast in bed. Today was the day she was to be released. She moved around her hospital room trying to pack the best she could. The nurse came and helped her into the wheelchair and she was wheeled out of the hospital.

She waited for the taxi cab in the shade. It was sunny and hot out. The cast was starting to itch. The taxi showed up and the driver helped her with her bags as well as getting into the cab. 

The ride to her second story apt was brief. She only lived a 15 minute walk from the hospital. She wished she could of walked back, but in her condition it would have been a painful walk. 

Her apartment over looked a AAA baseball field. Karen would watch the baseball games from the back porch. Sometimes she threw baseball parties with a few of her friends. She was known to have some fun parties. 

She already had a few when the party was rolling had a few to many before she left the house. She had just left to get some ice close by. The convenience store only eight minutes walking distance. 

“Turned into the highway without looking” said the officer the doctor. 

“The Sherriff’s camera had pictures of it anyhow.” Said the 65 year old ex-race car driver. “It was so dark. Who thought there would be someone crossing a freeway entrance at two in the morning with all black on anyway?” 

As she reached her house she could see the party had went on without her after she left. The bottles in the steps could be seen from the cab as it pulled around back. 

The cab driver pulled her bags out of the trunk and set them on the porch for her and helped her out the taxi. 

She walked with her crutches up the first set of steps. It was difficult for her and she appeared more like a four three legged animal with a tail. Some other parts of her body were feeling the pain of the accident now. Her ribs had been bruised and one had a crack in it. 

After a good amount of effort, she reached her door. Karen reached into her purse and pulled out her keys. She went to put the key into the door, but it was already opened. She limped thru the doorway into the kitchen and pulled in her bags the best she could. 

She looked at the condition of her kitchen, it was a mess. There were beer bottles and cans everywhere. The kitchen table was covered in cans, bottles and playing cards. The sink was overflowing with dirty glasses, bottles, cans and bowls. Someone must have spilled something on the floor and didn’t bother to clean it up. 

Karen walked over to the kitchen table, pulled out a chair and took a seat. She sighed at the thought of how much work she would have to do to clean up the mess. The rest of the house was either in the same condition or worse, she was sure of it. Karen pushed some of the cans and bottles on the table away from her and placed her arms in the cleared area. She laid her head down on her arms. 
“A little nap before I start will help.” Karen whispered to herself as she closed her eyes. The silence of her apartment and a light breeze coming in from the still open front door lulled her to sleep. 

A few hours later Karen slowly opened her eyes to darkness. It had gotten cold in her apartment and the wind had blown some leaves in thru the open door. They had accumulated in front of the bathroom door which was on the opposite side of the room of the front door. 

The medication she was given at the hospital had worn off. She felt a throbbing pain coming from her leg and the bruises on her body were taking turns letting her know there were feeling pain as well. 

She slowly got up and limped to the kitchen lights. Once there she flicked them on with one swoop of her hand then limped over to the front door. Once at the front door, she slammed the door shut with such force that the glass in the window in the middle of the door rattled. 

Karen then slowly went back to the table and picked up her purse from the floor and placed it in the clearing she had made for herself on the table. She reached into the purse and dug around till the rattle of a pill bottle could be heard. Karen opened the pill bottle and dug out two pills which she immediately placed in her mouth. The closed the bottle then threw it back into her bag. 

The pills had a nasty bitter taste. She tried to swallow them but could not work up enough saliva to lubricate a smooth descent down her throat. Karen could feel them in the back of her throat and tried to cough them back out. She limped as fast as she could to the refrigerator and opened it, grabbed a gallon of drinking water which was in it, flipped open the cap with her thumb and drank down water. She could feel the pills dislodge themselves from the back of her throat and slither down. 

She placed the gallon on the counter to the right of the refrigerator and bent over to pick up the cap from the ground. 

There was a knock at her door which startled her. She straightened out and limped towards the door. There was another set of knocks before she could reach the door. Her cast could be heard thumping on the ground as she went to the door. Right as she reached the door, it swung open hitting her in the face and sending her against the wall. Everything went black. 

It was a good while later when she woke up again. She didn’t know how much time had passed but it was still dark out. Karen was lying in her bed and able to see out the bedroom window. Someone had put her in the bedroom and had dimmed the bedroom lights. 

She could hear someone in the kitchen running water. She carefully sat up and realized that someone had taken off all her clothes and she was lying in bed naked aside from the cast. The only thing covering her body was a thin white sheet which fell off the upper half of her body as she sat up exposing her breasts. The parts of her body which were bruised had a warm sensation coming from them which dulled any pain they were trying to communicate. 

The water in the kitchen had stopped running and Karen heard the light switch go off. Footsteps could be heard walking now. 

“Hello!” Karen said startling herself as she said it. The footsteps sound stopped. This worried Karen. She took the sheet and covered herself up to her neck. “Hello, who’s there?” she said loudly. There was no noise. Karen looked to the nightstand and seen the docking station for the phone, but the phone was not in it. She looked up to the doorway of the bedroom. The door was open but all she could see was part of the couch, part of a wall and complete darkness. The living room lights were off. 

There was a quick shuffle sound then a cough. Some type of soft flickering light came on in the living room for a brief moment. A few moments later the smell of marijuana entered the room. Someone was smoking pot in the house. 

There was another quick shuffle then some footsteps. Karen stared at the doorway waiting to see who it was. A few seconds later a dark figure appeared in the doorway. She could not see could not see the face or even make out the clothes. They person almost looked like a three dimensional shadow. 

The person stepped into the room and Karen could see it was the doctor from the hospital dressed in all gray. 

“Don’t be scared Karen, I just seen you needed some help and wanted to help you out.” The doctor said as he walked over to her bed. She could see his eyes were red. “I rubbed some medicine on the bruises you have so that they could heal quicker and feel less pain. I am sorry I undressed you, but..” he looked up at the ceiling of the roof and had a small smile. “You had wet yourself when you passed out.” 

“Oh, um.” Karen started to say as he sat on her bed. “Well thank you I guess.” She was still shaken and confused by the whole situation. “You make house calls to all your patients?” 

He looked at her for what seemed an eternity before he answered. “No, I just. Well, I felt bad as I saw you leaving the hospital and I figured I would just swing by and see how you were. I knocked on the door then saw it was opened and hit you with it when I opened it. I had to do something, so I figured I would make you comfortable. I cleaned you up and checked your vitals then cleaned up your place for you.” He looked down at his hands showed her the marijuana cigarette. “I smoked a small one just to relax before I came to talk to you. Didn’t know how you were going to take all this.” 

Karen looked at him as he got up off the bed and walked over to her dresser. “I am going to leave my card here with my cell number on the back. You call me if you need anything.” He said as he walked towards the doorway of the room. Before he could reach the doorway Karen said, “Thank you. How’s about if I call you tomorrow? Just to keep you updated.” She smiled as she said it. 

“That would be great.” He said turning around and smiled. “I’ll let myself out and lock the door.” He said walking into the living room. She heard the front door open and close as he left. 

© Copyright 2020 sevangelen. All rights reserved.

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