beautiful dream?

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Submitted: March 05, 2013

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Submitted: March 05, 2013



He came into her life as a friend, when she was most lonely, at a time when she most needed a friend. She was hurt, angry, upset. She just wanted someone to talk to, and he was there. He was there for conversations, for dancing and dinners. He was there whenever she needed company. He was there to listen. He grew into her, unknowingly, slowly but surely. He spread his roots into her, deep inside her mind, her heart and conscience. He was like a tree that slowly spreads its roots into the ground becoming one with it. He spread his roots deep into her. He was the one person she wanted to be around, day and night, all the time. He was the only person she wanted to share her thoughts with. She felt good with him, comfortable, safe, understood. She thought: “he is my friend”. He never wanted to be “just friends”. He wanted to be so much more. She was confused. She found herself in an unfamiliar territory. She resisted at first, but she quickly gave into him, gave into the feeling, because the feeling was just too good to give up. He was a big, warm blanket she would cover herself with in the winter of her life. He kept her warm. She began to look forward to their time together. In the time where everything took so much effort, being with him felt effortless. He just wanted to be with her and she just wanted to be with him. It was perfect. But she had her doubts. She had never experienced anything like this before. She never thought it could be so easy and effortless, something must always be wrong. Nothing real can ever be truly perfect. How could anything feel so right without feeling wrong at first? She was afraid of perfection. She wondered if it was only a dream. She was scared to wake up. She started to feel anxious.  What if it really was only a dream? What could she do to find out? She did not want to wake up. She began to test the reality, thinking she was only testing a dream. She poked it with needles, she cut off bits and pieces, she bended it backward and forward, but it stood still. She grew impatient. Finally she found the highest hill, climbed up, and jumped. She jumped quickly and far, without giving it much thought. She did not even wear a parachute. When she hit the ground, she opened her eyes. She woke up. It was a painful fall and an even more painful awakening. She realized it was a dream, a beautiful dream that could have lasted forever. Why did she have to jump? Why did she have to wake up? She blamed herself, she blamed her curiosity. She should have kept sleeping. She should have stayed in the beautiful dream.

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