Untouchable Night

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thoughts about night

Submitted: October 08, 2012

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Submitted: October 08, 2012




Night...Earth is consumed in secrecy. Stars surround the sky and shine like fireflies. Soon the moon appears. It floats slowly through the darkness, like an abandoned boat at sea. Why should he hurry, when all that awaits him is Night, deep like the sea and mysterious like a woman’s heart. I stare at the moon and think, think to myself calmly and without hurry. Sometimes the moon notices me and tries to look into my heart. Sometimes sneaky breeze blows my way and tries to steal my thoughts. But I don’t trust them to anyone. I have hidden the keys to my heart in a safe place. Sometimes I wish I could escape into the sky and place the star crown on my head. I look at the moon and think…I wander about that mysterious feeling that visits me at night and wants to kidnap me, take me far away from here, to a fairly tale world where I meet with the flowers of the sky. Night, mystery…sometimes this painting shakes me like the waves in the sea and forces me to overflow, smash against the rocks. Sometimes, it presses on my heart like a huge stone and is ready to intimidate me, destroy me. How I want to get to know Night, this mysterious creation. How I want to look deep into his heart and maybe see something bright and warm inside this intimidating, dark eternity. Maybe in this dark, bottomless ocean I can find that hidden treasure I have been searching for a long time. Maybe then will sparkle my lucky star, then will shine my sun. Maybe Night is not as evil and destructive as he seems at first sight. Maybe he is just a lonely creature, ignored and hated by everyone, a creature who has put on a dark robe and locked himself up in his own soul forever. As these thoughts keep me up, Night melts away. It melts down, burns, like a candle. Dark shadows cross over the earth and the only thing I am left with once again, is a deep, mysterious, untouchable Night.


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