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A poem about broken promises

Submitted: May 31, 2013

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Submitted: May 31, 2013




How quickly your love died

Must not have been strong.

While I sat at home crying,

You were screening my calls.


My tears were for nothing,

Thinking your love was strong,

I believed day would come

When we're happy alone.


You said you were sorry, said I was the one,

And promised to wait for as long as I want.

You told me you missed me and wanted me back

Said being away from me would equal death.


But I was mistaken, o lord was I wrong,

Your words had no meaning, you left me alone.

You cried and you told me: I love you so much

I’ll do what it takes to win back your touch.


My heart slowly melted, I started to feel

Your tears worked like magic, they made my anger heal.

It took me three month to feel how I feel,

I was ready to jump right back in the mill.


I told you I missed you, let’s be one again,

I thought you’d be happy, we’d hug like back then.

I had no idea you had other plans,

Yours was an agenda, let’s call it - Revenge.


As soon as you heard the three magic words

You stopped all contact, flew away like a crow.

I finally saw what you're all about,

Your tears and your promise were all just a show.


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