infinite loop

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stop hiding and come out already!

Submitted: January 07, 2009

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Submitted: January 07, 2009



when you think about all the things you've been through

you've though you'd never been so depressed

and you're wondering what is life or death

but at the same time you see that you can rise above this

but you doubt you'd want to because of the future that awaited

you'd rather give in to the small problems then let them escalate into the worse

and so you call your self hiding behind the small from the big

you ask people what can you do to just get rid of this

but all they tell you is to fight it through something that you know

you keep asking and asking and asking

they say the same crap over and over agian

"you just gotta accept the consequences and keep going

at the end of this terrible path lies your salvation that you've been hiding from"

and so you fight you're way through battles an ordinary person would never even thought of fighting

you get a little farther

until you your next fear

you know its only human, to protect onesself

even if it means you have to run again

you've beaten your current battle so you stay there hiding again

but only this time the reprocusions of hiding are much greater in consequence

but you don't as long as you don't have to see that face again

so you seat there like a scared puppy in the corner hiding behind that which you have defeated

you think you've made a name for yourself by the honor people have giving you

so u sit there all alone


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