The Sweetest Pain

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The sweetest pain, that anyone can bear!

Submitted: February 14, 2008

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Submitted: February 14, 2008



 With all your heart, and only once
 You heard me calling your name.

 One alone of whom I love,
 I have a changibg heart.

 We slept in one bed together,
 And all along, with lust in me.

 The sweetest pain that you ever borne.

 I could not weep, yet for you.
 By your body, I have gone soft with love.

 You laid your head on my lap,
 Looking upon you in desire, and with the press of my lips.

 Your eyes are so bright.

 I bend my head toward you,
 Like drops of rain, my tears run down.

 Hiding anything from you, is so very hard.

 I will not lie, that you know.
 By envy, I shall not be stained.

 Upon you, a day of faith will come.

 A day of doom!-No!A day of anguish!-No!

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