Time Reveals All Things

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Not a word said. My eye beholds

Submitted: December 11, 2006

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Submitted: December 11, 2006



I can look at your face for hours,
  And only see waht you want me, too see.

I see more, I see less,
  Than which the naked eye beholds.

I know your face, a face that
  I only see, and no one else.

That is because, I am the person looking.
  I want to see more.

Such are the complexities of you,
  I see immediately what another never will,
 Despite year's of looking.

Except, these things are always so,
  When the eye is acting as the agent, of my Heart.

I'll walk a mile with you, as we chat all the way,
  And, left all the wiser, for all we had to say.

I'll walk a mile with sorrow, if you
  Had never said a word to me.

Oh, the things I learned from you,
  And, sorrow never walked with me.

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