Words And Actions

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The quietness surrounds us...

Submitted: February 09, 2007

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Submitted: February 09, 2007



A distilled quietness,
Long begun as twilight.

Of you, spending time with me,
On sequestered afternoons.

Make me you'rs, my lover,
Your gentle words, provide me comfort.

Make your affections, mine.
You swift footed flyer, be near.

And make my soul,
Your Holy Grail to be.

My words make you,
Feel special.

And weave your yarn,
From my spool.

Make me the loom then,
Knit therein this twine.

And make my spirit free,
Within your wings.

Then weave the web yourself,
The yarn is me.

You make me, fully you'rs.

Then do the same in your choice,
With flowers of paradise.

Then clothe me,
In your understanding soul.

Affections, judgement,
Conscience, memory.

My words and actions,
Shine on their own.

My ways with you,
Are honest and true.

Then my heart shall
Display before you.

That I am clothed,
In your robes of love.

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