Sunflowers And The Mushroom Cloud

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What most of us know about nuclear explosions comes from history classes, films and comics, but what goes through one's mind as you are taken by it?

Submitted: August 11, 2013

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Submitted: August 11, 2013



I always believed that it would end in a flash. That everything would go from colours to white. I believed everything would turn black and white. I also believed that everything would go in to slow-motion as people screamed and fled. It always happened in films and comic books, right? Oh, how wrong I was. That goes for the filmmakers and comic writers as well.

It didn't end in a flash. It didn't end like it did in the films and comics. It didn't go from sunshine to black and white. Although it did slow down.

No, there was no flash. Only nothingness. It was like someone turned the light off. Nothingness... You would be surprised how familiar you are with it. But, it didn't last long. No. The all so safe nothingness was interrupted by the fiery mushroom cloud in the distance.

I looked up towards the cloud of fire. Watching it as it slowly filled the black canvas. I saw hundreds, thousands of sunflowers staring at me. Despising me... They stared at me, like I was to blame for this. Like I was the one who made it grow. I looked back at them, leaning up against the tree. I sighed, and looked at the mushroom with a smile.

And then -- nothingness once more...

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