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The first one of my old notebook. I was young, confused, and alone. Feelings were new to me, and i didn't understand them fully. Or at least i thought i didn't...

Submitted: April 11, 2007

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Submitted: April 11, 2007



How can this be, why, does it always happen to me

My love is, destruction, welcome to the introduction


Of the truth

And it hurts but that’s the way things go

Use the pain to soothe

My insides burn but that’s how you know


That now, it’s over, a meaningless life for me

It’s all gone, the happiness, was never meant for me


Alone now, with pain, I try everyday in vain

I’m getting dragged, down beneath, tears fill my eyes till I can’t see


Now it’s gone

These walls close in from all around

I am alone

Silence is such a painful sound


I can’t stop, myself, I’m going down

Spinning too, fast, I’m going to hit the ground


My impact, will make, the world shake in disbelief

And I will lie, peaceful, among the dead leaves

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