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Dedicated to a a friend that has passed away...

Submitted: March 17, 2013

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Submitted: March 17, 2013




Some people are impossible to forget.

They come into our life for a fraction of a second then disappear with the autumn wind.

But they don't disappear from our hearts.

They're always there, in the form of memories, in the form of tears.

They're there to remind us of who we used to be.

They came and they took us with them, took our innocent hearts

And left behind somebody else where we used to be.

Someone who understands more- of pain, of happiness.


That's what we are now.

That's what you become once somebody leaves.

Bitter from the pain, sweet from the memories.

Sometimes I wonder where you are now, why you were ever here.

If the past was somebody else's story that held you in it.

But like the autumn leaves- you disappeared.

You flew away, carried by the wind into a place I've never been.

But I have changed.

And I can't go back to the innocence I used to hold.

I'm lost in Truth and can't find my way out, trapped in a maze. 

Captive to a place where there's no lies to paint the world pink colours.

I'm all alone, because you disappeared like the night when light lit the world.

Night left and you left with it.

Disappeared like the stars, when the sun shone bright.

Like a dream that once was, but is no more- disappeared.

And I'm not the same, because I know the truth now. 

About life, about who we are, about what comes next.

But you're no longer here to guide me...

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