Hot Metal

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Submitted: February 27, 2013

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Submitted: February 27, 2013




It was like waking up in Hell. 

Only this isn't a dream, and you know it. You don't know how you got here, you don't remember anything, but it doesn't matter. 

The past doesn't mean anything compared to what you're facing now.

If hell exists out there somewhere, it can't compete with this. Because this is so much worse. 

You get up onto your feet, not daring to make a sound as you slowly walk forward, step by step. Not even daring to breathe for fear of being found. There's no green grass, there's no blue sky, there's no smell of freshness, of sun, of happiness.

What you see is an endless corridor in front of you, it's narrow and it's dark and has doors stretching out endlessly. 

They're all locked. You know. You checked. The light flickers once in a while, in dim lighting, but besides that, everything is dark. You hear no music, nor voices, everything is sinfully quiet. Except a low humming of the electricity and a distant sound of something heavy, like twisting metal, clashing. It chills you to the bone. 

You smell something that's not even a smell. It's a feeling of fear, of cruelty and pain.


You're completely alone. 

You don't even remember what 'happiness' means anymore, you don't even rememeber what Earth looks like. 

You know you should move, you know that something is coming, you know that it will kill you. But isn't that what you want?

Right now, to just die, no matter what's out there after death. Not really even caring. Anything to escape this endless labyrinth. But your instinct takes over and at that moment you move. 

It was like being stuck in a game of hide and seek, or perhaps a game of "cat and mouse". Only you were the mouse and whatever

was after you, was worse than the Devil himself, let alone a 'cat'. 

This place is like a nightmare, but you know better. It feels too real. You can taste hot metal and fear on your tongue. 

So you decide that it's a story. Someone must be writing a story about you and now you're stuck here. 

All alone. 

Just then, you hear a horrible loud twisting sound above you. You look up at the ceiling and realise that something is standing right above you, on the next floor up. At that moment, you forget about being quiet. You don't care anymore. 

You run. 

You don't know where. This place is endless. It's a labyrinth, a maze. There's options at the end of every corridor, and midway, go right or left. And whatever turn you make your life will depend on it. In this game there is no 'game over', you don't get to start over. 

You round another corridor and realise that the clashing sounds of metal gotten louder. 

Someone found your trail.

And now they're hunting you down. They're behind you. You run faster than you have ever ran before and as you approach the end of one corridor, you turn back to see behind you. And what you see makes you wish you were never alive. 

It's a man, made of metal. A skeleton, actually, full built with muscles and bones, but no skin. Pure metal. 

He holds something in his skeleton arms, perhaps a gun or a sword? You don't know. 

He stands at the opposite end of your corridor, at least 50 meters away, and looks at you. His head is a skull, and his eyes are blazing red. They scan you. You see him lift a foot in your direction and before you know what is happening, you're running. 

And at that moment, you realise that you're going to die. 

No, it'll be worse than that. You don't know how you know, but suddenly you realise what it will do to you.

It's what they did to the rest of them.

The other people.

These machines caught them and changed them. They made sure you were alive to feel the pain. They made sure you screamed.

These machines fed on pain. It was their salvation. 

That's what they will do to you, once they catch you. They'll tortue you, but you will never die. They won't kill you.

They'll take your arm first and cut your skin, then they'll rip out your bone and replace it with hot liquid metal.

It will let your veins adapt to it before it solidifies. But the pain will never pass. They made sure of that.

This metal will burn you forever. They will change all of you, until your entire body is based on metal. 

Eventually, your skin will deteriorate and all that will be left is the metal skeleton. But you won't die.

You will continue suffering in pain, to the point of insanity, when your soul simply shatters and disappears completely.

All that will be left is your body, which will still feel, but no longer think. 

That's what happened to the others. 

But right now, it was hard for you to feel sorry for this creature, which was after you. 

It was hard to blame them, when their entire purpose and existance is founded by pain. Eternal suffering. 

You realise that the machine is catching up to you and that you'll never stop feeling pain once it does. 

You turn a corner.

And see a slightly opened door. Unlocked. It's your only chance. You don't know what's behind there, but you quickly run inside and shut it. Within seconds, the robot is in front of it, searching for you. You expect it to open the door, but it doesn't. It proceeds further down the corridor, refusing to give you up. Machines weren't as smart as humans. 

You turn, your heart in your throat, beating 220watz per hour, and take in the setting in front of you. 

It's a different kind of darkness. You realise that you're on the balcony of a second storey building.

The outside feels scarier than the inside. There is no grass. There's just cement that stretches on for miles. The sky is low and feels like it's crushing down on everything. There really is no ending...

And you don't know what to do. You wish that who ever's writing this story would speed up the happy ending. No-one deserves this kind of punishment. No-one deserves to smell tortue in the air. To feel all hope crushed from their lungs.

Where to go now? What to do? How to escape something that lasts forever? 

You look around and there's no where to go. Somewhere in the distance you hear the sound of a working factory. You can hear

the clash of machines as they go about their mysterious business.

But at this moment, who's ever writing this story runs out of time and decides to stop writing. And you will be stuck here forever. 

Because there'll never be an ending to this story. You'll just be stuck frozen in time where eternity is not a good place. 

Where eternity is a place of suffering and endless pain. Pain and hot metal. 

Good bye.  

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