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We will all be heart-broken at some point in our lives. What if we, just when we thought we drowned, we swam out of that dark place and were happy again. What if we could tell that person that? Tell them that we're okay without them.

Submitted: February 27, 2013

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Submitted: February 27, 2013



I thought I drowned, I guess I haven't. 
I guess I'm stronger than I thought. 
That's a relief, because for a second there,
I thought I was dying in the black waters of your broken promises. 
My memories of you...you shattered them 
With the invisible arrow of your resentment.
Everything you gave me you also took away. 
For a while, I felt ripped apart. 
So empty and lost without you with me. 
It's like you picked me up and dropped me on the ground, 
Causing my whole being to shatter and break into small pieces. 
After that, you left and left the mess behind, 
Without fixing me... 
I thought I was going to die... 
But I haven't. I pulled myself together. 
I made it through. 
I guess I'm stronger than I thought. 
And just like that- I healed. 
It took so long. 
So many lost smiles, so many lost reasons to laugh. 
Only that same grimace... 
But at long last, it has been replaced by real smiles. 
After so long. 
No, life didnt get easier, I just got stronger. 
I stopped hoping for you to come back, 
Thinking you'd make things right again. 
I guess I just finally realised it wasn't going to happen. 
I grew up. 
I forgot you and everything that came with you. 
I forgot how you made me feel... 
Forgot your smile... 
Your voice... 
I made myself forget you. 
And just like that, my fire for you has turned to ice. 
No, I don't hate you. 
I don't even dislike you. 
Because these emotions are too intense 
And would only show that I still care about you... 
Only I don't. 
And that is why I feel indifferent about you. 
I do not care. 
But one thing I do have to say to you: thank you
You caused me happiness and you caused me pain. 
I benefitted from having known you.
I learnt another thing about life 
And learnt how to pick myself back up 
From having fallen once again. 
It took so much for me to finally understand 
That there is no prince who will come and save me. 
Because I am the princess and 
I am the only one who can save myself. 
I still see you around sometimes, 
But just as you turned your back on me, 
I have turned mine away from you. 
I just pretend you don't exist. 
But I do promise you one thing:
One day, when you decide to come back into my life, 
You will find that the door to my heart 
Which was once open to you, 
Is now closed. 
And I will tell you that you missed your chance. 
Not out of revenge, 
But because I no longer care. 
I taught myself to swim 
And swam out of this emotional mess. 
I haven't drowned...

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