Love Shouldn't Be Like This

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this is a poem I write based on a friend of mine who was in an abusive relationship with her now ex-boyfriend. I wrote this poem for her to help her cope.

Submitted: September 13, 2012

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Submitted: September 13, 2012



Tempted by promises of love.

I went willingly to your bed. Unaware that your words were lies. And that I was being mislead.

I was starving for affection and comfort. And was so naïve in my youth. Believed the lies spilt by your tongue. As if they were the gospel truth.

The first time that you blacked my eye. You made a liar out of me. I covered up your abuses. So that nobody else could see.

And then I quickly forgave you. When you apologized that night. You said you would do anything. You had to do to make it right

The next few times went the same way You’d say “sorry” and I would cry You’d tell me it was my own fault

When I’d ask you to tell me why You convinced me I was worthless Who else could love someone like me?

Erased any inclination might have had on getting free Then from there the beatings worsened As your temper remained unchecked

You’d hit and hurl insults Until I lost all self respects all my self-esteem faded Your power over me would grow Still I defended the doctrine

You reinforced with every blow thought the abuse was better Than being unloved and alone

And the hell I knew was better Than any hell that was unknown But I’ve finally learned my lesson

With the last beating that you gave You will never hurt me again Today they laid me in my grave

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