I Write From The Heart...Not To Hurt You.....

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Just some random thoughts that have floated in my mind...

I have been growing up VERY slowly...just due to the fact that...i don't really want to...lol...i'm having my fun.  Then, come those days that you do grow up a little and become a little bit more knowledgable than before.  I have learned somethings by taking the long road.  It should be known that just because you don't want the pain to be there anymore doesn't make it go away.  It doesn't matter how much your may write about it, talk about it to others, or how har you may fight against it....IT WILL ALWAYS BOTHER YOU.  The minute that you finally believe that it doesn't hurt anymore...it will come back...I can promise you that. I would definatly know.  When you try to run from it, it eventually finds you again...and sometimes even hurts you 10 times harder.  No one would ever know exactly what i'm talking about...unless you've been there and done that.  This is the lesson i am trying to give to YOU!  You may not think that i kno exactly how you may be feeling at this exact moment...but i know it a little to well!  So listen to me....believe what you want...but don't forget the truth in the back of your mind.  Maybe one day you'll finally understand...but i hope that day is soon before its too late.Those tears...those are just the beginning of what you'll feel later...again...and again...and again...so make sure you know exactly what your doing.  I did know exactly what i was doing...and i don't regret it...but make sure you won't regret anything you decide to do.  It's called following your OWN heart...and when you do that...that's when u don't regret.  But in my defense...i will say this one last thing...in my situation i realize it was a better choice for me to cry once in a while rather than every damn day..and at least i was old enough to realize what was really going on and made sure it was completely my own decision 

Submitted: September 06, 2007

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