A letter from a broken soul

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A letter written To all the woman who are beeing abused and don't want to do anything about it

Submitted: December 28, 2011

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Submitted: December 28, 2011




Hello My name is Delancy Gordins.

I was a normal girl, I was part of a loving family and had the life of a average girl.I made friends easily and was always the life  of the party.I had a close group of friends and we stayed friends through Primary school and high school.But my life changed when I was in my last year of high school.I was always told I was very pretty and was always asked out by many guys,i never saw myself that way and had a really low self image(even though I hid it away from my friends because I did not want them to see that side of me).I became friends with the school heart throb "Josh Conners" and not long after that we were dating.I could finally open myself up to someone and let them get to  know the real me.We dated right through the year and even went to the prom together.My friends were all jelouse of me,they would give anything to be Josh's girl.Josh had a side of him that i did not like,he had a short temper and i saw him take it out on some of his team mates but I put it out of my mind because he never took his temper out on me.We graduated high school and four months later,Josh asked me to move in with him.I agreed and since then I thought life would be perfect as I had everything I wanted.But his temper was still a problem since he had no team mates to yell at he would have a go at me.Telling me to shut up or to leave him alone,I knew he was finding it hard to get a solid job and though it was just his stress getting to him.


a year past and his temper just got worse and he began to insult me calling me a bitch or stupid or ugly.My low self esteem could not handel it and I always ended up crying but he always said he was sorry afterwards.One night things went up to a whole new level,I came home late after going out with the girls and I was greeted by the sight of Josh drunk and angry as hell.He yells at me asking me why am I home so late and as I tried to explain he slaps me through the face.I tried to run into thr bathroom and to lock the door but Josh grabed and flung me against the wall hard hurting my back.He then stopped and just walked to the couch and passed out. The next day he said he was sorry and brought me flowers and I forgave him .But soonI realized the smallest things made him violent ,how much make up I had on,how I dressed or even if a guy looked at me.Once I invited a old friend of mine over "Reg" from high school to my house so that we could catch up and talk about old time. when Josh saw this he acted like it was nothing then as soon as Reg left he punched me in the face dragged me to the bed room and raped me and he kept saying"Your asking for this bitch....this is want you wanted from that pussy Reg" The next day he said he was sorry and I forgave him yet again.I soon found out I was pregnant with a baby boy and when he was born we named him"Tomas" after Josh's father.But Josh still kept abusing me hitting me and swearing at me.I could not see my friends anymore or leave the house.I was forced to stay home and and look after Tomas.


Then after beeing together for three years I was to lose my life to my husband.I dropped Tomas off at my parents.This made Josh upset as he just wanted his parents to raise Tomas.We got into a argument and he grabbed a bat beat me over the head and then strangeld me to death.I am now in heaven I do not know what happend to Tomas but i know he is still alive because he has not turned up at the  golden gates.I write this letter so that every woman who is beeing abused must get help and fast or they will also join me  in heaven.




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