Beauty or the geek

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Its a Fantasy Story ver enchanting

Submitted: September 07, 2008

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Submitted: September 07, 2008



Once in a small town lived a girl called Mona .She lived with her mean Aunt Tabatha and her daughters  Pamella and Samantha .She went to Black Whole high .Mona was the school geek,with her big glasses,braces and her love for knowledge she was a real know-it-all .She had a crush on Rex Conners ,he was a real hottie.Mona knew in her geek state she would never win Rex over.

Oneday she heard her cousins  talking about a school dance ,it was the biggest bash of year .So she thought to her self "I am going get Rex no matter what and this dance will make it easy for me".

That night while she was doing home work a bright light appeard  , a diamond fell from the sky and landed in her room.When she reached out to touch it ,she felt a warm feeling go over her body.When her hand touched the small stone she started to float in the air .Her glasses vanashed off her face , her braces popped off ,her hair when from a dark brown to a light blond and her body changed into that of a modol.

When she looked in the mirror she could not beleve her eyes  she looked like a goddes.

The next day every one staired at her,not knowing what to think .Rex could not beleve his eyes eather .

5 days later Mona made her way to the dance .But while dancing on the dance floor she felt someone tap on her shoulder,she turned around but instead of seeing Rex she saw Markus Cummings.The hottest guy in the school ."Excuse me may i please have this dance "he said looking deep into her eyes as if he looked passed her beauty.Mona took his hand and they both started dancing .After a few hours Mona felt funny , when she walked outside all the beauty she got drained from her body.To upset to see her ugly self she hid in the darkness.

Markus saw her walk outside , he went to look for her .He cried out Mona , Mona but no answer .He saw something move in the darkness ,he reached for it and pulled it into the light .It was Mona .But instead of beeing freaked he smiled and said "Your more beautifull then ever"Mona looked at her reflection in the fountain near by.Somehow the cristal not only gave her beauty but helped awaken her own .

She and Markus became girl friend and boyfriend.Mona learnt that even if you change the way you look the true beauty will show its self some how,

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