Little Doll

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About a woman who really wants a daughter but cant fall pregnant so she goes and buys a doll only it is cursed.

Submitted: October 11, 2013

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Submitted: October 11, 2013



Once there lived a man named John. He had everything a man could want, a beautiful wife named Lilly, a son named Adam and a big luxurious house. Most men were envious of John. His wife with her long red hair and green eyes was any man’s dream .His Son being only 13 was a grade A student excellent at sports and even through puberty never gave them any trouble like most kids his age.

But yet Lilly still felt unhappy, she longed for a daughter. When Adam was born there were some problems and she was told that she could never fall pregnant again. She stayed strong and looked after Adam but she still felt something was missing.

One afternoon she went to the local toyshop, she loved looking at the girls toys.

There on the top rack was a beautiful doll about the size of an 10 year old girl .It had bright blond hair and green eyes, the hair was made up into a bun. It was wearing a beautiful red dress and cute little red shoes. The skin looked and felt so life like. There was a bracelet around the dolls arm on it stood the name Odette. Lilly took the doll off the shelf She was perfect like a real little girl. The owner of the shop saw her with the doll and went over to talk to her.” I see you are admiring sweet Odette” Lilly smiled “Oh yes she is perfect” “She arrived her 10 years ago, no box no packaging just left outside our shop. I took her in cleaned her up because she was very tattered”



Lilly listened in Interest at the Owners story.

“Odette was first sold to a young man who wanted her for his Daughter Candice’s 8th birthday. But a month later she was returned the man told me Candice died in a freak accident. She was found drowned in their pool. He could not bear to look at the doll as it just reminded him of his daughter. Odette was only in the shop for a day when a old woman came in and bought Odette for her granddaughter Maggie. But within a week Maggie had also died in a freak accident, fell down the stairs while walking down from her room. Odette was returned once again. Every girl who played with this doll ended up dead, I believe she is cursed and I can’t sell her to you”

Lilly shook her head” Nonsense there is no such thing as a curse, now I want to but this doll” “You want the doll just take her, I refuse to sell such a thing to anyone” the owner disappeared to the back of the shop.


Lilly returned home with the doll and put it on a chair in her bedroom. She combed the dolls hair and talked to the doll as if it was real. John returned home and saw Lilly with doll.”Honey what is that thing?” Lilly frowned “This not a thing this is Odette, I bought her today, isn’t she just perfect” John humoured his wife” Yes dear she is beautiful but should you not get dinner started”

Lilly fixed dinner and sat Odette at the table. Adam looked confused at the doll and then at his dad.”Dad is that a...” his dad just shook his head and whispered to the boy{Just humour your mother I am sure this is just a faze}




  Lilly’s weird behaviour continued for 2 months and pretty soon her husband could not take it anymore. He grabbed the doll and said” I am worried about you, treating this doll like a real girl, it’s not healthy love” Lilly exploded and yelled ”GIVE ME BACK MY BABY” She attacked John  hitting him and beating him only when he let the doll go did his wife stop.


That night his wife seemed back to normal and he was able to fall asleep a little bit easier. At midnight Adam woke up because he heard a weird noise. He saw his mother’s doll staring at him from the bottom of his bed. Its eyes seemed cold and dead. The doll appeared in Adam’s room every night for the next week. He did not sleep a wink, Adam told his dad that until further notice he will stay with friend, he could not spend another day in the house with that doll.

Lilly’s behaviour got worse; she growled when anyone got near Odette, she would mutter in strange voices in her sleep. Her appearance changed she was pale, haggard her hair thin and dry. Soon she stopped eating completely.

John had no choice but to book her into an insane asylum. Lilly did not go peacefully. She fought back, bit and howled, yelled for Odette at the top of her lungs .After two hours the employees at the asylum managed to get her into a straight jacket.

While she was away from the doll Lilly returned to normal. She began to eat again and speak again. But she kept yelling”KEEP MY FAMILY AWAY FROM THAT DOLL, its evil PURE EVIL, IT WILL KILL US ALL”

Things at home returned to normal Adam moved back home 

Odette was locked away in the old trunk never to be seen again.


For 3 weeks all was blissful until one night Adam woke up to someone calling his name in a sweet little girl voice. He heard footsteps made by little feet and evil sadistic laughing coming from the hallway. That’s when he saw her, Odette armed with a huge knife. He thought he was dreaming he had to be dreaming, dolls don’t come to life.

The doll jumped onto his bed and moved up towards him; before he could fight back the doll slashed his neck with the knife and then stabbed him 10 times in his chest.

Odette moved on to John’s room. Stood next to his bed, her sadistic laugh woke him up. He screamed at the sight of the doll covered in blood. Odette slashed his neck too and stabbed him in the chest 30 times.

Lilly had escaped from the Asylum the same night and returned home to find her husband and son dead.  Odette sat next to John’s bed and said in a sweet Childs voice ”Now you can play with me forever mommy” Lilly screamed and Odette slashed her neck too killing her instantly.

The next day the police came to the house they were looking for Lilly the sight that greeted them will stay will them from the rest of their life. Lilly, John and Adam all dead. Police ruled it a murder suicide.

3 days later the Family was buried .The rest of the family sold their things at a yard sale including a clean blood free Odette.

No one knows where Odette is now, she could be anywhere in any shop waiting for you to take her home and play.

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