The love letters

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About a girl who wishes to have a boyfriend and then starts getting love letters from someone called D

Submitted: October 17, 2013

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Submitted: October 17, 2013



This is a story of a girl named Anna

Anna was the school nerd. She spent her life reading any book she could get her hands on.

She was not very popular at school, She was an A grade student and had almost no friends. She would watch the other girls with their boyfriends kissing and holding hands. Anna longs for a boyfriend she was 16 and had never even been kissed before.

Some of her fellow students enjoyed mocking and picking on her .Janie was the worst of them Calling Anna names and laughing at the fact that she does not have a boyfriend.

This hurt Anna very much and sometimes she would run into the bathroom and cry. She wished she could be like the other girls and be pretty enough to have a boyfriend.


One morning she opened her locker and found a letter waiting for her. It was in a red Envelope with the name Anne written on it. She opened it expecting to be a letter from Janie mocking her but instead it read....

Dear Anna

I have been admiring you from a far and I am really taken by you. Your long dark hair that smells of roses your deep green eyes and Ruby red lips. I have never had the courage to tell you but I am deeply in love with you.

Love D

Anna was taken aback by the letter. She had never received a love letter before and was exited at the prospect at having someone who wants to be with her.

Everyday a letter was waiting for her in her locker each more loving then the next

Anna was in an in love mood most of the time, reading the letters over and over again.

 One day in class, Janie sees her reading the letter and grabs it out of her hand; Janie reads the letter out loud and laughs.” Who would want a loser like you, you probably wrote it yourself NERD” she pushes Anna off her chair and rips up the letter throwing it in the dustbin.

Anna gets up and runs to the bathroom and begins to cry.

As Anna sits on the toilet seat and wipes her tears a letter falls on her head.

She recognizes the hand writing and opens it immediately.

 Dear Anna

Don’t listen to Janie she is just Jealous, you are not a nerd you are beautiful don’t worry my sweet. Now wipe you’re tears and go back to class. I will TAKE CARE of Janie

Love D

Anna went back to class and said nothing for the rest of the day

The next day Janie was not at school.

When Anna walked into class there was letter waiting on Janie’s desk.

She took it and opened it.

Dear Anna

As you have seen Janie is not at school today. She is not sick I can assure you. I ran into her last night and gave her a piece of my mind. Don’t worry she won’t bother you anymore my love

Love D

Anna had the first day in her whole school career where no one picked on her or mocked her it was pure heaven.


The next day horrible news awaited the class. Janie had been killed her body was found beaten to death and decapitated. The news spread through the school like wild fire

But Anna knew who did it she wrote a letter this time.

Dear D

How could you do that to Janie? Sure she was mean to me but no one deserves to be killed. When you said take care of Janie I thought you were going to talk to her I’m sorry but please just stop sending me letters. I don’t want to talk to you anymore. If you bother me again I am going to the police

From Anna

Anna did not have to wait long for a reply by the end of the day a letter was waiting for her in her locker.

Dear Anna

If I can’t have you, no one will. Watch your back my love because I will make you mine. DEAD OR ALIVE


Love D

Anna was terrified she threw away the letter and ran home. On the way there she felt someone watching her and following her. She saw a black SUV following her. Anne did not look twice she ran inside her house and locked the door.

She headed up to her room where a horrible site awaited her. Her wall was plastered with pictures of herself eating sleeping bathing and walking to school.

A message was written on the wall in blood I LOVE YOU. Worst of all Janie’s head was placed on her bed. Anna screamed and tried to run out the back door.

But she was stopped by a figure dressed in black. He grabs Anne by her hair and says in a deep soulless voice “If I can’t have you alive Il have you in the afterlife.”  He pulls out a butcher’s knife and chops off her head with one slice .blood spatters everywhere. The man first cleans up Anna’s room removing the pictures and burning them and cleaning up all the blood and disposes of Janie’s head. When he was done he walks back down stairs and writes one last letter.

Now I will have her forever

He pulls out a gun and shoots himself in the head.

Anna’s mom comes home and finds the horrible site. She calls the police but everything was straight forward a murder/suicide since the murderer killed himself no one could be tried for the crimes.

The case was closed. Never to be opened again.






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