Hanging High

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Two guys travel across the United States to film a video, but were kidnapped by a group of men in black suits.

Submitted: September 09, 2012

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Submitted: September 09, 2012




Hanging High


The sun rose slowly above the Atlantic Ocean of New York, people around the Eastern time zone woke and smiled. In a small condo 11 floors above sea level, Joey was still sound asleep, facing down on Apollo's furry gold tummy. The clock was ticking, and the streets were filled with black cars and white trucks.

The doorbell rung. Apollo woke up in shock and butterfly kicked Joey in the face, scrambling and barking at the door. Joey rubbed his face in pain, groaning and getting out of bed. “. . . Who is it this time. . .” Joey mumbled annoyingly. Joey opened the door with blurry eyes. Carl pushed Joey out of the way and entered. “It's time to go. We need to get on the road before traffic builds up.” he said. Joey was wide wake, wondering why Carl was in a rush. “Where are we headed? What's going on? Why are you in my home?”

Carl stopped moving looked at Joey with a disgusted face. “Uh, dude. Look at what you're wearing.” Joey looked down. His eyes were in bloom like a flower in a sunny day. He was half naked, and was embarrassed. Joey covered himself with his hands and ran back into his room. A few minutes later, Joey came out with a navy blue shirt with khaki shorts. Joey came out of his room and went to his kitchen for a bowl of cheerios. “Sorry about that.” Joey said quietly. “You still haven't answered my questions, though. What is going on?” Carl took Joey's gray backpack and white laptop and headed out the door. “We got no time to talk, Joey. You need to pack up and get ready!” Carl shouted from down the hall.

15 minutes later, Joey was in Carl's car with his bags. “I forgot to lock the door.” Joey confessed. Carl looked at Joey, and looked back to the road. “You don't need to lock your door, who's gonna break in your home, anyways?” Joey looked at Carl with disappointment. “Someone that would kidnap a person to make a stupid video. . .” he replied. Carl looked at Joey with a mad face. He drove faster, thinking of what Joey said to him. He decided to change the conversation. “So, we're going to the Grand Canyon.” he said.

Joey looked at him with wide eyes. “Why? I don't even think filming you know what over there would be a great idea! It's a big hole in the ground, nothing's gonna make him hang!”

“It's worth the shot, Joey. Maybe it could be a better place than we thought. Maybe she was right.” Carl replied. Finally, the car came on the highway. Carl placed his left hand on the steering wheel. “Put on your safety belt, this is going to be a ride.” Joey quickly snapped his belt. Carl revved the car, and stomped on the gas.


In the state of Arizona, Carl and Joey were going to a diner in the middle of nowhere. “It's getting fricken' hot!” yelled Carl. Joey was laying in the backseat napping, woken up by the sound of yelling from Carl. “Get up! We're gonna go in this diner.” Carl roared, as he walked into the diner alone. Joey was feeling sick, he didn't feel like eating at all, especially when Carl is around. Joey remembered the day when Carl talked about his grandmother's warts on her toes as Carl gave her pedicure. He didn't know why Carl was a podiatrist, he'd never guessed guys would give foot massages and toe polishing.

Joey entered the diner, bringing the aroma of coffee and apple pie into his direction. The aroma made Joey feel more nauseous. Joey saw Carl waving, signaling Joey to sit with him. Joey walked slowly to Carl, holding his stomach with pain in his face. As Joey walked to Carl, he saw a group of suspicious men wearing black formal clothing and one of them holding a large aluminum case. The men were talking quietly, but all glanced at Joey with cold eyes. Joey looked away, and continued walking to Carl.

“Did you see those guys?” Carl asked. Joey peeked at the group. They were still watching Joey and Carl. “Don't look at them!” Carl said quietly to Joey. Joey looked away as fast as possible, but the men saw Joey's eyes look away, and walked towards their table. They stared at them, and so did everybody else in the diner. Joey and Carl looked back at them with fear.

“We don't like you.” said one of the men. Joey looked at the man, and he looked back at Joey. “Who are you?” Joey asked. The men grabbed Joey and Carl, and dragged them out to the front. Everybody in the diner looked through the window, and watched. Joey and Carl were dragged across the ground, tied with rope, and thrown into the trunk of a black vehicle. “Help! Help!” Carl cried. “We're being kidnapped!” Joey looked at Carl. “I'm getting a bit of deja vu here, Carl!” Carl looked back in anger. “This is not the time, Joey! We're going to die!” cried Carl. The car started to drive.

After three hours, Joey and Carl calmed down. Joey remembered that he had his cell phone in his back pocket. Of course, the men wouldn't want to touch another man's behind, Joey thought. Joey picked up the phone with his mouth, and dialed 9-1-1 with his tongue. “Aw man, that's disgusting!” Carl yelled. Joey looked at Carl with serious eyes, telling him to stop talking.

“9-1-1, what is your emergency?” said the operator. “Help, I'm being kidnapped! We're in the back of a black car!” Joey said quietly. “Okay, what's your name, sir? Do you know the license plate number?” the operator asked. Joey remembered what the license plate was when he was being dragged across the ground. “Yes, my name is Joey McGuiser, and the license plate number is '919RW'. We were at a diner in the northeast part of Arizona, I think it was called 'Johnny's Diner'.” “Yes, okay, great. I'm sending a police crew to the location to investigate.” and the operator hung up.


After an hour in the trunk, the car stopped immediately and the men got out of the car. They opened the trunk and looked at them. “What are you gonna do with us?” Carl asked. The men grabbed both of them and threw them onto the hard dirt and sand. One of the men crouched and looked at Carl. “We're going to kill you.” he replied. Carl's eyes were full of fear. “What? No, you can't! I haven't had my first kiss yet!” The men grabbed Carl and made him stand. One of the men pulled out a 9mm handgun and reloaded. “This is what you get for stealing our camera, we had important pictures in it.”

Suddenly, three police cars came drifting down road and stopped around the black car. All of the policemen came out and pointed their guns towards the men. “Drop your guns! You're surrounded!” shouted the sheriff. The men raised their arms and dropped their weapons onto the ground. Joey and Carl ran to the sheriff and they were untied from the ropes. “Are you okay?” asked the sheriff. Joey and Carl were happy that the police came. “Yeah. We would've died if Joey didn't call you guys!” Carl said happily.

After a few days in a hotel near the Grand Canyon, Joey and Carl filmed the largest rope swing the world has ever seen. The video was uploaded to YouTube and millions of people watched the video. Joey would never forget the moment he was kidnapped twice.


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