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Rebekah, Leighton and McKensi meet three mysterious creature like humans. Are these creatures stalking them to harm them, or is there more to the picture then what catches the eye?

Submitted: May 18, 2012

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Submitted: May 18, 2012



Chapter 1

Rebekah Gonterman loved the feeling running gave to her. It made her feeel like she was flying, like she was invincible and there was nothing tying her to this sad, sad world. It helped her escape what is her durel reality, the fact that her mother Clara and her sister Kelsey were never coming back no matter how hard she wished. That he father Aaron was nothing but an alcoholic that could never love her no matter what she did. How she would never fit in with her old friend Giovanna, Stacia and Whisper. That when her mother and sister died she went into a shell and eveyone gave up on her, afraid she had been lost to and endless pit of deep and dark dispair. When she finally came out of it the only ones who had been awaiting her rearrival where he beloved track coach and her friend Leighton and McKensi. She didn't care though, that car accident had made her senses sharper, her mind quicker, he reflexes faster, she was more agile and quick with her movements. Rebekah had a certain grace about her that all the girls envyed but would never admit because she was different. She knew she had changed, she didn't know how exactly and didn't really want to know. Just so long as she could go on being the way she was now.

"Gonterman, I want you to do a two mile tempo run with Leighton." Rebekah nodded her understanding at Coach David and went to find her friend. Leighton was with Kensi doing a couple of sprints but stopped when she saw her. She had become the personal bodyguard of her and the coach knew that. Which is exactly why her choose those two to always be running partners. Rebekah didn't have to say it because Leighton already knew, she had a freak thing about her like that. She could always tell when her or Kensi was upset, sad distressed you name it. Her eyes had also gone from a bright blue to a more sapphire color and her once dark brown hair to almost white, much like how Rebekah and Kensi's had changed. Others thought they just did it together as a sign of friendship, they knew the truth though. Something had happened to them in that car wreck, something unexplainable by science and only explainable in someone's wildest dreams.

"Just run, no stopping?" Leighton knew she didn't have to ask her friend. They always ran full speed as far as they could and as hard as they could before they finally dropped to the groud unable to move anymore. Rebekah nodded her head yes and they both got in their ready positions, in imagined gun shot went off and the two friends pushed each other like there was no tomorrow. Neither one knows how far they ran, just that it was farther than two miles, and the strangest thing was they weren't tired at all. They really wanted some form of meat for lunch but they weren't hungary. They shrugged it off and ran back for Kensi, as they were running Rebekah could feel that something was off with the day. She could sense that horrible things were to come and she didn't want to be around when they happened.

"Kensi, we're going to get something to eat." She grabbed her bag and quickly caught up to the two older and taller of the group. Both Rebekah and Leighton looked like Vixxens, Kensi looked more like an Anima. They weren't stupid they knew mythical creatures roamed the Carpathian Naion and in the city of Revalia. Purebreeds were usually the royal family and crossbreeds were severly looked down on. There was Vixxens- A Vampire like creature that didn't feed of humans and were unnaturally beautiful. There was Animas: Half human, Half any other kind of animal based on you family lines. Lastly there were the Sirens- Beautiful, Talented and extremely deadly. If you ever got to close to one they would drain your soul out of you, that's how thwy kept their beauty.

Rebekah's platinum blonde hair swayed a little in the sudden breeze, she had a small sniff and gave an invoulantary growl. She got in a stance as if she were about to pounce on something, she had no idea what was going on but was releaved her friends were on high alert as well. A small russtle came from the bush in front of her and she snarled walking closer to it. Whatever it was it greatly upset her and she had no idea why. A girl with red hair and purple eyes came out and she was immediately calmed, out from behind her came 6 vixxens and 3 Animas. "Rebekah Gonterman and Leighton Black. Great grand-daughters of Lord Vixxen Charles Gonterman and Lady Vixxen Resilla Black. come with us." She didn't know why but Rebekah felt she could trust the girl as did Leighton. Kensi went with a girl who had blue hair and orange eyes. What was going on here?

"I'm sure you know of the myths of Carpathian's dark side. It had awakened and you are the new leaders of rebellion. My name is Gossamer I'm a Vixxen, and this is Reese a stallion Animas" Rebekah, Leighton and Kensi had no idea what was going on. Just that those two girls were for sure family and that they needed their help. Rebekah looked at Gossamer a minute before answering.

"What's happened, we didn't change until after the...accident" Gossamer nodded her understanding apperantly this was a question so got a lot of. She sat down and patted the seat next to her indicating for the three of them to sit down. Rebekah was a little hesittant but after seeing that they were no threat she took the other seat next to Gossamer and waited for her to explain.

"You families magic was lost somewhere along the bloodline. Techincally you are another generation of yourselves, you died and the magic brought you back. Techincally you were reborn and since you're purebloods." Rebekah took this all in she was a pureblood, which meant she was part of Carpathian's royal family. She and Leighton Vixxens and Kensi an Animas, they could destory the dark side that wanted to kill their family, friends and world. "I understand it is much for you to take in, but we must take you to the Carpathian Castle for training. Rebekah, Leighton and Kensi got up silently and followed them to the Castle, wondering what was expected and what the outcome of those expectations would be.


Chapter 2

The first thing that was noticed by Rebekah was the many men in the Castle, staring at them with different facial expressions. One in particular caught Rebekah's eye and it was probably the worst one out of all of them. He was tall with dark brown hair and eyes, atheltic build and tan, he had a little scruff but not too much and he made her heart leap. It wasn't possibly because she didn't know his name but she felt drawn to him, like she would rather die than be without him. He smirked at her and walked over, she sniffed him and she knew...he was her mate. Not that she would ever give in to her other side, she would be with whom she wanted to because she loved the,, not some half animal instinct. "My name is Skiler Giordano, you must be Lady Vixxen Gonterman." Rebekah very carefully layed her hand in his and he kissed it.

"Charmed Lord Vixxen Giordano, if you will excuse me Gossamer has to tell me what I have missed." His smirk was back in place, what was it she didn't know? Surely he didn't get to say what she can or can't do and when she can or can't do something. She still had a mind of her own thank you very much. She pulled away and started down the hallways only to hear the footsteps of Lord Giordano. She spun on her heal and stalked towards him, he mayed no signs of retreat which only made her more nervous to be around him. "Why are you following me Lord Giordano?"

"As Lord I am required to watch your training. My lady if you please."

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