The Thing About Love

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Love is Complicated.

Submitted: January 09, 2008

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Submitted: January 09, 2008



Mitch entered his apartment with excitement and anxexity jumping around inside him like a giant rubber ball. He dropped his keys with a clumsey cling on the kitchen counter as he entered the living room to find his girlfriend, Denise standing there in the middle of the black leather couch and the Tv set, her arms ware folded across her navy blue blouse, her lips as thin as a pencil her right foot repeatedly tapping the white shag carpeting. The setting sun’s golden glare splashed across her face through the open window behind her.  Her crystal blue eyes raging with anger her soft blonde hair thrown back into a pony tail that was clutched together by a plastic  hair clip.“Um...What’s up baby” Mitch said a bit uneasy.
“Its 5 o’clock, that’s what’s up!” She said, her voice was sharp and dry. Not soft and sexy like he remembered it this mourning before he left, he glanced at the digital clock on the cabal box under the tv that read promptly 4:50, he felt an urge to correct her but resolved not to catching her piercing stare.
“Yeah it is...and?” Mitch said taking off his jacket slowly without taking his eyes off Denise who hadn’t moved from the spot since he came in.  .
“’re late! Where ware you?” She barked throwing her hands wide into the air
“ I had to work overtime, Mr.Amadore was short on drivers today again and I had to make a delivery all the way too Long beach” Mitch said defensively  “you know how UPS is baby, they always having drivers on strike so I’m usually stuck with extra deliveries” Mitch explained playing with his fingers, Denise smiled a sarcastic smile
“Really? Well I called Mr. Amadore and he said you left Early today and a matter of fact he said, you’ve been leaving early this pass whole  week” Mitch opened his mouth but was cut off by Denise “AND the strikes ended two weeks ago!” she yelled at him. There was a few seconds of silence as Denise stared hard at him, her arms now on the waist of her green sweat pants.
“Let me explain baby, I–“ Mitch started fast but stopped when Denise come closer to him, as she come closer she was sniffing the air like Scooby Doo when his sniffing for clues, she come up to him so close that her eyes ware leveled with his chin and she stood there almost embracing him for a second as she sniffed his white t-shirt before she leaned back and with a loud pop, slapped him across the face
“You asshole!” She screamed as she shoved him away watching him  to lose balance and topple down on the floor his head missing the corner of the glass coffee table only by a landslide before hitting the carpet
“WHAT!” He shouted angrily as he climbed back up to his feet rubbing his cheek.
‘Yeah and let me guess you ware delivering to a WHORE and that’s why you reek of cheap perfume!” She shrieked as tears begun to  roll down her smooth cheeks
“Its mints...” he started of again but she put up her palm
”No. I’m tired Mitch, I’m tired of the excuses, the lies, the bullshit!” she barked as she gave him one last look...the kinda look that hurt him more then a dozen Needles shoved into his eyeballs can. She turned around and walked away through the hallway and into there bedroom, Mitch slummed his jacket on the couch and sat down he put his hands to his face and robbed them up and down. He heard the bedroom door slum so loudly it shook the whole apartment. Half of him wanted to put his jacket back on and just leave, maybe go to After Hour and grab a beer.  but the other half wanted him to go into the room after her and try to explain, but if he went after her he probably get hurt reminded of Denise’s temper by the burning sensation in his cheek,  but if he left he lose her forever and that  would be pain that would stay with him forever.  He removed his hands from his face and ran them through his smooth dirty blonde hair. He got up and walked towards the bedroom.
When he entered the gloomy late-afternoon bedroom he found Denise sitting on the edge of there powder blue queen size mattress sobbing quietly in the corner. There was a leather suite case by her feet laying open packed with clothes, a few psychology books along with some make up.  
“After everything I gave up for you Mitch, Moving out here all the way from Jersey, going against my mother’s better judgement, All those night’s I spent with you in the hospital when you had your construction accident, and this is how you repay me? You are a fucking shelf-fish asshole!”
“Its not what you think Denise, Honestly” Mitch said quietly as sharp pains of guilt grasped him In the stomach,  he walked over to the bed and sat down putting an arm around Denise’s shoulder
“I should’ve known you ware cheating on me” She said more to herself then to anyone else.
“I’m NOT cheating on you Denies’s, I swear to god” Mitch said as he used the back of his huge hand to wipe her cheek
“Don’t lie to me Mitch! You lied to me about work and you come home smelling like perfume...” She said no longer yelling but in a sober  tone
“It was mints..MINTS!”
“MINTS! Don’t smell like Victoria Secret you bastard!” She said her voice rising again as she pushed him off her.  She picked up her lap-top from the right end corner of the bed and put it in the suite case along with the rest of her stuff
“Where are you going?” Mitch asked
“To my sister’s” She said cooly closing the suite case and zipping it up, Mitch sighted hopelessly. “Don’t do this Denise, what about your psychology Practice? And all those drug addicted nut case celebrity’s you ware going treat here In L.A?” He said trying to make her laugh but it obviously didn’t work case she only started to weep harder
“That was OUR dream Mitch, but there is no more US so I’m going back to Jersey” She said using a tissue to wipe up her eyes as she got up and kneeled down by there bedtime dresser and slid open the bottom drawer which was filled with a bunch of thick old folders and photo albums, she started to dig through it. Throwing the contents of the drawer carelessly out
“What are you doing?” Mitch asked baffled as he watched one blue folder fly across the room
“I’m looking for our photo album, you know the old one, that says ‘the good thing about love’ it has all of our pictures from our vacation to San Francisco and The Carribean” She said “Or did you forget all about that” She sneered, after a few minutes of throwing out every content of the drawer out she  gave up.  slapping her hands on her knee’s and sighting . “you know what? I don’t even care anymore. I don’t need to be reminded of that time” She said curtly as  she stood up and stared at the painting of some old mid-evil castle that hung above there bed with a far away look. Mitch watched her with cooperate love, her tearing puffy red eyes and dry thin lips, a gold  necklace that bared a cross that laid on her chest so elegantly, her blouse that ended a few inches above her waist to expose her pierced belly button, her old green sweat pants. Even though she looked like a mess at the moment he still thought she looked absolutely beautiful. he was crushed that he was about to lose her and he couldn’t let her get away
“Remember the first time I met you?” He said She stared at him a bit confused but still angry “Yeah, do YOU”
“Yeah I do, it was like 2 AM and me and the frat brothers snuck into the girls dormitory and threw fire crackers down the toilets and as I was running out I bumped into look utterly terrified and started to scream”
“And then Ms.Snider  tackled you to the floor and dragged you out by your ears” Denise said laughing for the first time since he come home
“Yeah...she was 70 years old but she picked me up like I was a bag of leafs...anyway I was so dazzled by your beauty I couldn’t even move or bring myself to ran away and remember what I said as she slung me over he shoulder? I said I’m sorry and let my Make it up to you by taking you out to dinner sometime”
“And...I threw a book at you” Denise said smiling at the fond memory  but the second passed and she was frowning again before he could enjoy it “what’s your point? You can’t make this up to me and we not some 19 year old kids messing around at NJU anymore we are almost thirty year old mature adults” She said and then stopped and observed Mitch “ of us is anyway” she said  just as the door let out a  loud ring  which flooded the whole apartment.
“Maybe you should go and get that” Mitch said quietly as she threw him one last dirty look before leaving and walking to the front door , he followed her through the hallway, and watched from around the corner of the living room, Denise folder her hair back and wiped her tears before she opened the door to be faced with a slightly chubby man wearing a brown uniform and holding a package, the man winked at Mitch as he presented the package to Denise
“Oh hi there Sam, I guess you actually DID work overtime today...I’m sure Kelly is lucky to have a LOYAL husband” Denise said shooting another dirty look  back at Mitch as she took the package, the delivery man looked at Mitch with a quizzical expression and Mitch shook his head in response.
 “Um..well yeah I think its for you Denise” Sam said sounding a little disorientated and confused as he handed her a clipboard still staring at Mitch like a lost puppy, She signed the clip board and gave sam a smile and a thank you before closing the door and brushing pass Mitch
“For your sake you better hope this isn’t a gun” She said slumming the box on top of the couch and reading the top
“No return address” She said the anger in her voice replaced with mild curiosity as she ripped off the duck tape with great force and strength..probably picturing that it was Mitch’s head, the thought made Mitch go back a few steps. She opened the box and Mitch’s heart rested as he saw her blue eyes get moist as she pulled out a thick light pink album with the words “THE BEST THING ABOUT LOVE” written in smooth old English on the cover and a picture of her and Mitch standing in front of the San Francisco golden Gate bridge both smiling radiantly into the camera. Mitch’s arms wrapped gently around Denise’s waist.
she gave him a suspicious look as she flipped open the album. Each page filled with photos of the two of them together. Photos of them on vacation, laying on the beach sipping cocktail’s,  and photos of them just goofing off in front of the camera. A new batch of tears ware rolling down Denise’s cheeks by the time she reached the end but Mitch felt relieved that those tears ware happy ones and not sad ones.
“This still doesn’t explain why you have been leaving work so early and coming home so late” She said her sharp tone coming back.
“Turn the page” He said and she did turn to the last page and found a small, square hole engraved in the back of the wooden cover, in the square laid a small black box and the words “WILL YOU MARRY ME” written on top of the hole in red letters, Denise’s eyes rolled out a whole new wave of tears as she opened the box and saw a golden diamond ring there.
“I got an extra shift at the Post office to help pay off the ring so that’s why I have been leaving early everyday” Mitch explained and Denise flung her arm’s around his neck and kissed him with all her might. She leaned back a little so her nose was touching his nose and a smile unfolded on her face.
“Of course I marry you” she said softly and Mitch felt like someone just scooped up a mountain from his shoulder’s. Suddenly she slapped him on the chest again “Don’t you ever make me go through all that ever again!” She said smiling widely before she kissed him on the lips again.

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