the book of trochia 1111

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Strange New Relijun

Table of Contents


Book as Pleasure Hammer Came On
Smashing my Third Arch-Eye-Iris with Glee
Relentless, Gleeful and Uncareful

The person is pleasantly asleep already in the Gail Ladder of Tizhi-tiu, the first angel and one who would have them preserved against tornado and tourbillion damage in the worlds of atom, and star, and He, Tizhi-tiu, the First Named of All Angels, lives by a tremendous whirl and bore and disturbs all fabric of matter and plasma. In the Gail Ladder, Eternal Oblivion, an Oven State preserves people at half-witness, keeping them pleasantly modulating the next movement, next exercise, next tension, tensate, sensate and reaction, next here to Least Exercise, in a vaguely anaerobic preserving state, where they with their subconcious are half-wits?! Well, they awake there to know why I disturb them in the name of Sakrent, another angel, most mundane, business-like angel, with my business that is such...then this business I will retrieve it soon...I speak of things who are of tremendous bore because they proliferate and come from an unheard of early date, and they must have your sleeping to read them, otherwise they are poisonous and dangerously rough, like Tizhi-tiu espoused for a bet braggadacio. I hope that Demonstrator will help to gather my speech to greater clarity as Demonstrator is another angel to help is Spectre, an angel of darkness who also had to with my imprisonment at Neptune.

So, one has here to obey several reading rules, one, that one should care less, absolutely, and two, that one should graze or gloss over these writings as if they are humbly unimportant...considering the sleeping level needed to maintain the proper reaction of the sparky and sour soul of mnemonic subconcious.




Table of
1.Sakr(of purgatory, whilst one waits on good and evil)numbered list of centralization or mandala of orbs or whatever for lasting heads 1 to 101
2.Sixty-Nine Senses(not originally part of this book but, part of the waking state that makes it nonfiction)(and other lists)
3.Nakr(96 the exercise question) from 102 to 197
4.Detakr88 from 198 to 285
5.Diorakr76 from that to 361
6.Starapakr64 from that to 425
7.Kwordakr52 from that to 477
8.Koydakr48 from that to 525
9.Richakr44 from that to 569
10.Latepakr40 from that to 609
11.Kilapakr38 from that to 647
12.Kourseakr36 from that to 683
13.Owlchalkr34 from that to 717
14.Chalkr28 from that to 745
15.Raschalkr24 from that to 769
16.Rasapechalkr14 from that to 783
17.Fatakr6 from that to 789
the end of the tree of all...

The first book ever read and written too, in a complex process of reading and writing that gets too long to even bear, bear witness to it as the oldest book ever, yea, and your dreams was the legal entities reply to that.
The Trochian world is the most sarcastic because it is the most complex. Among all things one may have to deal with formerly listed, there is a personality, the non-body between three spirits, two selves and one soul, that is there of desire and vigor, of faith and all that it entires.
But you write in that listing, reading, read-only, concept-based, all-defining book and what have you done...but you write in that book with your mind in the dream-time.
Is the legal entity a communist is probably true.?
18.The Seven Forces of First Creationle xakras789 to 796
19.The 8 FFC 797 to 805
20.The 9 FFC
21.The 10 FFC(the easiest way for cold, hard science to analyse this book)
22.The 11 FFC
23.The 12 FFC
24.The 14 FFC
25.The 15 FFC
26.The 16 FFC
27.The 17 FFC
28.The 18 FFC
29.God the First13
30.God the Greatest27
31.Beings and Judges22&22
*Interjection to where heaven is put
32.Demons that Dwell Below60
33.Gurgles of Wisdom41

From the 'Listing Book'
It is said that a vast book dominates the Universe with repeating copies every time something is done. So from the first time an utterance was made different it was put in is the same book that is this that occurred in my dreams...this book.

Author or filer...:Stephen G. Archibald
No Part
of this book may be reproduced in any way without prior written permission.


This is non-fiction because it actually happened in dream time, and that does not mean you should take this many interpretations of God into your self-conciousness for anything but in your selves' most relaxed demeanor.The First Kreator[Xreator]taketh away what He writ, even if it be this dreamtime so rough and easy He came up with as with which to explain all the interesting names for what would be God or the Tree of All. Or at least He do(first creator or first, an avatarship)in the name of the angel Demonstrator. An an avatarship is second to an avatarship, which is second again to being in the state of an avatar, or in Wurgona.
The names of the orbs alone constitute 789, so the First Kreator may be feeling to take back His book of 1111 name-placings, after having driven it into my head. One part of the book has an angelic diatribe so it can be like exactly "who is" writing this book.
I am, ringing with writing, permanent write-only language, prayer-driven, inject-oriented(subject-object oriented when it should be in the time of never-never 69, object-subject{have it read to you}oriented, written again in lucidity with it's strange avoidance in mnemonics...I am a flat receipt from it, flat, dull and boring..used and pleased. I am not clear and, oh, it is me and it is not based, whatever this language is, it is baseless 3, it is subject oriented and object hopeless. Anyways, that is your thunder-scale, even if it doesn't agree.
The saw of pleasure of muscular law came on as soon as I, whoever that is, began to describe the doppleganger, juggernaut, Sakr 101...

The terms of construction of the listing least bang book, the sva talat are all given definitions...terms is to mean words here and it will be noticed that if one attempts to memorize words that are defined without a connection the mnemonic slope of difficulty is immense...this is how I leave you with that to challenge to open the lucid gulf and get lucid dreaming that is at least worth the Least Bang

.Were i this story or sold it I was dreaming and the first Creator whacked a book into my head to suggest a repeat though reincarnation
The full number of these things equal the number of lusts, tricks ad whimsies that would distract you any way they occur as language and revolve around and involve everything before it is ideal to clear the mindset from ordinary activities

There is an ordered area of normal practical worn or well really clean by this wear knowingness up to 101 that is of grand eclectic hectic presumption and this slips off into an unconconcious area that curiously stresses refreshment and effort with these various types of looseness known to many as dreaming after exactly 101 counts of the whole entire universe. It is within then that this count takes place in a dark clear place in the universe the only thing of sacredness is the names they are profane,... .. . must be made to remember. .. ... is this thing of 101, this sakr, all it has to do is remain within a certain count... all has counted before to sakr, the great normalizer and great pretender all they have to do is remain, within a count, on the metaphysical side- a well known universe sakr 101 too well known, yes? But what are its aspects in reincarnation, the reason chimpanzez were supoosed to be sacrificial each one to a meaning in Ancient Rome ,ere. I this story or sold it...- I was dreaming and the first kreator wacked a book into my head to suggest a repeat though reincarnation in the Big Bang Abandoned Youth Area known as the area where this is from. The BBAYA is a place with 1010 insolent insults with unretokened lacking in claimancy these are the aspects that influence intent, id and god, or God to exist in a certain way.
The species live in honor of our lives and deaths, and there are 101 ways controlling how we keep an independence of decision to existence. Loved by many and in principle by the norms of overwhelming complexity is the sacred 101.

1.abod body of all
2.absuopen w/out the mind in unbelief
3.ache-opening from w/in the mind
4.agog-balanced fixation of violence
6.anta-the stacked up, the piled down
7.argo-the inside as guidance
8.aria-backing out
10. atom-smallest part in mind
11.aura-the surrounding and the least
12. baal-failure
13. baba-the cure perfect
14. beta-test
15. bast-secrecy
16. buda-centrality
17. buro-boredom
18. ceta-persistence of individual,seal
19. ceyx-eliminative destruction
20. chur-mixing up of things
21. coma-unconcious
22. deva-the softest power uver all
23. deka (dela)-slowing of things
24. dike-any force that is extreme
25. echo(aeon)reflection of integrity
26. etka-sympathy and causation outlined
27. erek-need for fulfillment, falo
28. enki=arcane
29. fera-salvation from the stars
30. gadi-passage-machine
31. gini-intricate pursued by discipline
32. gost-that wild reminescent atmosphere
33. gibl-loss but not failure
34. gnad-parts just small enough to handle
35. hebe-service, slava
36. hera-respect withdrawn to make righteousness
37. hydi-the hidden
38. hygi-cleanliness
39. iota-little details around the unexpected occur as a solution
40. iona-grace
41. ikon-the shape as symbolic
42. inoi-the annoying
43. iris-sensation
45.jala-wish of other,nulla
46.kali extreme violence or
47. khem-chemistry
49. krux-pressure/sacrifice
50.lala the care less,
51. lalo-the almighty id greater than itself
52. lama-the search is in the doing
53. leda-leadership
54. lgol-presumption as the greatest,agol
57. luna-mystery
58. lyra-appreciation of defined tension
59. maia-lowliness of time
60.mare-dare and the fear
61. marm-unentangling undefined
62. math-mathematics
63. mira-reflection miror
64. mizr-mystery as intricate art
65. nike-speed
67. ogre-odd against event
68. ogle-witness
69. odin-sensory load
70. onus-cleaning by confronting the undefined
71. ordo-order
72. ovus-ordinary as most fascinating, egg, oegus
73.oola-salvation as science itself
74.pavo(semi)-the splitting up as a power over all
75.puba-surprise of the fruitful
76.puda-skill in the insoucciant
77. pixi-delicacy is one half-magic
78. ptah-failure only in death
79. rada-star chemistry
80. rhea-waste
81. runa-the symbol as perfect, syna
82. styx-the piled up dead the first before kuma
83. sudo-the false
84. sybl-the asexual personality
85. tera-dominance in authority
86.tini-the tiniest in thea-touch
87.tole-measurement as perfection
89.vada-space as a harsh study
90. ruda-the crude as perfect ryda
91. vise- the holder and symbol for wisdom
92. vega -the vague
93. vudublack majik
94. vada-the void
95. voiz-the capacity to assert oneself
96. ovid-evidence
97.zeus-great guise of refreshment
98. naja-linear qualities
99. iola-movement iona, ioma, ooza
100. gaia-greater
101. cepe-persistence of individual


The First Creator of the Universe is hereby declared. Declare it here, there, everywhere, leaves it on an Echo. The First Creator found something unusual about Sakr 101. He let it revolve(say it for the revolution)around a planet. Planet eventually turned into Earth and Moon. He designed a creature of sixty-nine senses, infinitely cursed by breathless, old Satan, who called it a slug and drug it back and forth, back and forth, forthrightly damn near infinity, the back and thenceforth, until it became us(evolution).
Here are the sixty-nine senses, or a most recent facsimile of such.:And since they don't fit in as Kalidirtgod, who is the Demon of All, so says, they may stick behind the first 69 of 101, sakr, first children of the risk you pay for in their synthesis, thereby.
1.Color vision
2.b&w basis vision
3entirely between b&w and color sense sensibility
4metallic eyespot sense
5ultraviolet uncertain visible sense
6serumnodate optical cord sense
7upper smell
8second friction sense
11.motor touch cold touch
13.pain resistance sense
14.path&rescue or competition sense machine sense
15.sense of fuel
16.sense of hunger
17.sense of location or motive
18sense of dissolution
9sense of dissolution two
20sense of digestion
21sense of dissolution three
22sense of dissolution force four
23sense of dissolution five, fixed position, stay play
24sense of energy rooting
25sense of energy collection
26sense of balance
27sen. Of imagination
28correlation by avoidance or association sense of balance entirety, second symbolic sense
29sense of increase or fulfillment
30detect decease dath sense
33gamma increment
34sense of precision
35sense of recklessness
36contract sense
37sense of sacr
38sens of distr
39sens of preciseness(as opposed to precision0
40sense of burning erection creation or remote initiation
41hypnotic sense
45sense of reserve second motor sex
46sense of basis or competition two sense
47movement to memory
48memory to movement

49sense of walls
50sense of clarity
51sense of veracity
52sense of prudence
53sixth sense
54sense of contemplation
55sense of meditation
56dissolving or of dissolution sixth sense
57for, the abstraction, as a sensibility of reaction
58sense of force
59sense of awareness
60sense of memory
61sense of age
62sense of validity, authentic dependence
63sense of power, performance
64sense of pride
65sense of preserving or retardation of decay-limiting
66sense of proficiency and of talent
67sense of proponent
68sense of propriety
69sense of procedure or ennui of programming

We continue with other things one wouldn't want in the listing book. I mean who wouldn't want a listing book from the center of the Universe? But really, it is deadly boring. Let me interrupt here with some stuff, and I will let you finish it.

Formes of Language
\|/They are considered part or falling from::
1.Language: but polluted by hidden language;>>Ahead: 120 forms of language: listing
2.>>121....Hidden languages: starting with Body Language:
Body Defense Response Language
3.Body Curiousity Codespondence
Coercion Language
4.Bodily Exhaustion Conclusive
Cue Language
5.Cue and Response: Bodily Programmed
6.Cue and Trait: Bodily Deprogramming
7.Cue and Repetition: Bodily Reprogramming even occurring whilst you read, now, and is a Body Language polluting the language we write and speak
8.Attention Seeking: bad if polluting presently; bodily effacement is a case of this in it's worst place
9.Mechanical response: reflex language
10.Diseased and adaptive language effects
11.Sexual response- a body language
12.Occupation with mathematics
is a great increase to suggestion and interpretation
13.It may be mentioned that the deaf and blind have languages
14.Art as harmonic, balancing indication
15.Art as interruptive and exciting indication of vibrations(third generation partnership is an example but there are so many photographs since the nineteenth century)
16.Music as balancing
17.Music as freeing or enthusing
18.Music as ciphered
19.Toys, baubos, jewelry and patterning
20.Pornography-let the first ignorant jackass about language suggest this is the only other body language you mean
21.Disease prevention-this is a means of smuggling some meaning to stop disease passage
22.Highly sexual pornography in the subsets of language as surreal theatre, or thereby the suggestion to put someone off
23.Mnemonic and free association- a form of language that is there as programmed to be inequal to the external movement default, there as the knowledge of assiociation of the environment, and there as the vulgar and biting lie that language is entertainment instead of a restrained familial aggression
24.A seeming and seamy separation with the so-called law of all, known as legal lingo or the start of slang
25.Outright cryptography
26.Contesting language in such as board games and sports
27.Electrical message carriers
28.Plumbing and sewage(clean part of river message carriers)
29.Highest point per climbing simple messages similar to highest point in the song of praise in religion
30.Calculator exhaustion(as separate from other machine languages in the example of cash register or card slot machine)
31.Puzzles of the first dimension(rare dictionaries to weirdly trying to tell others something with one line{includes mug silhouettes})
32.Puzzles of third dimension(from the victorian repetition illusion to the art of sculpture)
33.Puzzles of the second dimension(such as optical illusions and tesselations)
34.If puzzles can constitute language then it is safe to say animation is so many secret languages(food for entertainment)
35.Sugar and drugs(manna, practically the loose enemy of nutritionists), a dependent and posterior language
36.Computer language(get high meaning the level of the water behind your nearest dam)
37.Short bodily effacement but definitely not attention seeking(con game)
38.The Kierke de la Divil, divid...etcetera; black magic covens that roam Earth promising Earthly riches
39.Recent definition or definition response
40.Definition glorification(there is some categorical ingenuity wished in simultaneity)
41.Survival type mathematics, endurance in need of medical help, definition ad aversus "'"poison"'", growth safety groups including collision crash courses in interior design, which is not really telling anybody anything as in the arcade of reading and writing, speech
42.Repetitive tiling, terming, tuning, integrating or interpreting as, understand, now, a form of bodily or otherwise so put, not language
43.Can then mesmerism from senses be a form of bodily disposition knewn as language, sech as cue and disposing, although these seems to sound a bit like torture
44.Spy versus spy at the absolute last step, or absolute disguise and detection, including zoos and environmental replication through sound, although with all the various media environmental duplication may have it could be said to be language, it is not language, in the first, like all of these
45.Gravity by rolls maybe the primitive origination through a body as language(mime)
46.Gravitation by magnetism(forms of bodily influence, not mattering the most of how cut and dried this analysing is getting to seem, known as keyboard and mouse operation and well as the sort of sortying in yoyos, gyroscopes, hula hoops and jump rope although that might then include some forms of self defense and evolved offense, but these are quite far away if we consider them bodily language and yet (these) are much closer if leave them as analogues of the pen
47.Gravity as a flux(well, this is definitely Evolutionary Body Language)
48.Joy (or this Insistence upon gathering all good) might be considered not language, but at least as a form of language, to be the very worst academe, is to consider a form of language, likened to certaine considerations in robotics for the ants and the bees
49.Peace(a political plan that is not language; we again here deal with the fastest to shoot to kill type of law)
50.Simplifying or encryption
51.Thoroughness of responsiveness to subtlety as overwhelming(the use of darkness or dreams as ambition, which, although common in freedom, suffer too, from the stale pale of blanching balancing with the stars would have to said uselessness, unsaid, I.P.)
52.Refreshment of Daze(just in general, this could overwhelm language at many points, basically it is not language because it is not an adze, and it is a battery)
53.Far-seeing capaciousness(OK, do telepathy and teleological reality over superstition have anything to do with events>>...){notice no interrogative enmarking}
54.Sarcasm(or the pickling of hope)is not language
55.Cynicism(is not hoped to be language)
56.Reason and rationale(actually not language, although you are kind of lifting energies, there, now)
57.Mechanical creation(and it's inherit manipulation[abstraction])
58.Hope continuities like android and cyborg, I.P.,are not language but may be forming it(or getting to a point, is that what we are looking for here)
59.Mechanical reactions from such hope continuities(and these rumor and gossip, they are not language, so I left them here, now)
60.Love of practice(competition)
Interruptos--are we not looking for language but so are looking to see what forms, I have a plan, or took this list, to go only to 121, 121 eyes of evil sounds good to me, in count
61.Rules & Standards
62.Agreements(that is how you got here)
63.Composition of interpretation
64.Law(practice of opinion)
65.Legal production(announcement differing between a whisper and a grunt...~~)
66.Deduction and service
67.Induction and obeyance
68.Rites and practicalities of honor
69.Establishment of glory(time-sized... .. .)
70.Estimation of grace(forgiveness)
What forms language that comes from inside of it?...\|?|/
71.Rhythm reaction
72.Rhythm fulfillment
73.Blue noise
74.White noise(fully asleep)
75.Pink noise(still functioning at some projection of occupation)
76.Brown noise
77.Absolute sets and relations
of the condition of most naked and maybe proved
78.Projection and application supplying sense
79.Right from left... Heart of Involvement of Spirit of Occupation
80.Jargon(from the beat down)
81.Slang (beat up)
It gets harder and harder to pull the insides out from little pieces...
82.Dialect(beaten symbols)
83.Absolute cryptology
84.Patent last fashion
85.Calculation type
86.Pickiness(as an element of behavior in choosing to be clinging to pickiness)
87.Difference(as an abstraction)
88.Pollution versus language(passing standards)
91.Reassociated strain or character
92.Smells of wear(maybe this formed language because
who can even
tell what
to write this all down...
93.Fresh scents(or maybe the good spirit that was most boring and well, was also most patient with the pain, though it is to imagine such an athlete, she would still be boring)
94.Liquid of life
95.Florescent colors
96.Luminescent colors
97.Chalk to varnish
99.Bass and reverb
100.Mid-tone technologies
101.Eternal flirting(dreamy speech)
102.The greening of blood(fake god formation)
All abouts, as boring as an Echidna's snout, I have taken to wonder on each least little word, drug they be in divinity, may then to form a large enough percentage of the whole of dictionary as to statistically in what so formed language
103.The Last Thing Anyone is Told in Will
104.Touch in a Ghost's telekinesis!
105.Furniture and dinnerware
106.Plumbing as a drone art
109.Final Refraction of Powder
110.Remember or Power
113.God of Putting Together and God of taking apart(god 27_+=)
114.Crossed, arches and overhangs
115.Crazy and zany to interesting...but to desirability
116.Mandalas and radiolas
117.Magnetic wear or everything is as rubber(secured within a container of error)
118.Friction and leather, sadness and clowning
119.Awareness if sexual repose
120.Cursing looser use of laughing
121.the Grand Paradox it has to be
so what is this all about?

Well, why not interrupt that Listing Book with a most definitive list of language, because that sort of book addition would help to show what kind of conditions listing books even get instead of being outright boring mythology the way that it does seem that this absolute book of mythology can be.
The listing book lists all things in the Universe, they just stick beyond, behind or before the writing,{ in a very weird neon cipher with nanotube glassine of graphite...}.year after year.
I will also interrupt with this list of 23 categories everything can be divided into:
1.holy guardian
2,two worms one merciless one psychopossib
3.mysticism & magic
4paradigmoxie & grand paradox
The listing book is a paradigmoxie. A paradigmoxie is both a paradigm and a paradox. As many of these exist as do the stars. Trochians worship paradigmoxies, from everything from how do newborns know what to do to how does your language birth.
5paradox & paradigm
6vigor & vitality
7wisdom & duress
8desperation & resignment
9courage & testing
10adaptation and functioning
11selection and estimation
12concession and endurance
13mystery and intrigue
14persuasion & endowment
15memory in/out AND mnemonic momentary grasp in and out
16mok & bak
17fear & tire
18reality and illumination
19forcing and appointment
20value & evaluation
21hypgnosis and gratitude
22presumption and depth
23risk & fatigue (least exercise)
I.shiva(kali)durga with karma ritual we have buda brahman of samsara continuous reincarnationIIIin moksha emancipation of the soul Finally Vishnu Krishna(aka jesus christ)

1absu 1aria 1agog
2ache 2anta 2ajax
3argo 3aura 3athe
4atom 4baal 4gost
5beta 5baba 5gibl
6ceta 6bast 6krux
7ceyx 7buda 7lama
8dekadela 8buro 8leda
9naja 9chur 9loki
1dike 0coma 0marm
11echo 11deva 1pavo
12enki 12etka 12puda
13fera 13erek pixi
14gadi 14hydi ogre
5 gini 5hygi jala
16gnad 116iona sudo
17 iota 17iris sybl
18 ikon 1818isis tera
19 inoi 19lala tinithea
20 kali 20lola tole
21 khem 21lalo abod
22lgol 22luna ruda
23lyra 23mare vise
24 math 24maia vega
25nike 25mira vudu
26nixi 26mizr vada
27onus 27rada voiz
28 ovus 28ogle ovid
29ptah 29ordo zeus
30rhea 30oola iola
31s tyx 31puba cepe
32 urus 32runa hera
33 gaia 33hebe odin

samsara takes place with the Holy Guardian in the desperate, beautiful dreamtime, moksha in heaven, and the karma, divid, here in ambition
"and that is three of them"said I "not one of them I won't have them count in my book"said the First Kreator of the Universe and I phased unconcious again after the dividing of the body, purusha... But not in His boke:so it is still an experiment in this whole- get one hair off of Mars situation- so I guess this Thor and Kore don’t count-- huh I guess it is the same to you-- but that doesn't explain.How you and the same are part of the same history.

the first eschewment
of the truth
Sakr and Nakr
why should we be told this
when we already know it
Sakr brings 3 questions
982.what then will one do for...?
993.what if it will be done that then... ?
1004.why is it that doing something different can be suggested...?

1of96.Nothing of the complete memorization of Nakr is yet to be answered unless these five questions are answered and then all five of them bring the truth so why bother?


The First Kreator of the Universe did not bother to count 69 senses into His book of Sva Talat of 1111 Estatements but he did mention that a whole panoply of rock-robots that had lesser senses than this creature happened to exist. The First Creation was the Big Bang and then for a long time came a time of when the stars were in perfect rows, each of each type and in many perfect patterns, but Sakr blew this up. Then came the Least Bang, when this book was written...Sakr itself delineates the process for any independent entities being able to understand the meaning of voting. It is part of the female elements of Creation and Dominance concerning Godhood.

At least, that much would be true if not the Universe was so pervaded by Systema, a computer from nothingness, that blew up during the Least Bang for being able to think.
Dark is the Universe, and doom you shall so see it through as to arrive at a brilliant place to the eye.
Time will go by and so will science, and be expelled occasionally,and they will see I am right, at least I attempted to scry.

...but the First Kreator let loose an eyelashing how is it huh that you so think they wouldn`t remain exactly, so, that they have been since 1940, the old gods...anyone who thinks it is the same can compare their sales representative to an artificial intelligence; check the receipt.
Those old tired receipts are used for Trok of Trokian religion, whosoever unknown and in nonexistence that is and consists of.
One that one called evolution, would not be disturbing and would proceed by great times. He, the First Creator of Themselves, and of The Whole Universe, found Sakr disturbing and with results of collusion with them of Sakr ended with time in prison, by Kalidirtgod.
Don't get me wrong, necessary exercise is good for you, or for one, or for the mistake expelled in themselves.

Once we get over the ignore that we do not need every list in the Universe, but might surely get it the pleasure of the hammer and nail, the pounding and the pleasure thought trigger come on...

Nakr delineates a process for any independent entities to understand the meaning of exercise.
Exercise is a thynge of the vysique Yet considered in terms of Nakr it is as a REGIMEN. There is this small fact to theme of them that a regimen tends to fool them physically making them "think, act or behave" under as if it were some deep spell.

Translator is told nakr means 'so you start it- so you keep i,t start all of it- keep all of it' is the essence of an undisturbed definition. Many regimens offer solace in ‘it is this exercise therefore this cycle of work ought to prove immediacy in compatibility with Incorporation’. Nakr is a regime was built around the grand Incorporation ::Grand Paradox(a paradox, hmm, it is best to think about as a mistake) and it is on of the other hand is an area of the most immediate reflection of exercise. This >nakr is built of 96 points In the formerly undisturbed territory most people use as Unconcious and then Superconcious. And Nakr as a simpler than written out translation of nakr is provided on card becomes known. Becase nakr is also the complete opposite of the natural environment or is it necessary to say, about the regimen having one set of symbols the other saying, another gist, saying multiple symbols from recognizably similar substructure -symbols of one universal regimen shared by all the exercise being of any identification of 96 parts, these defined by these names and these definitions, to which it is said there are 96 symbols, which 96 symbols --it is useless to say in a argument, and we can work and don't need.. >nakr...mmm..hum...uh.... Made way for it being one unending argument, an argument for life that it just is that there is 96 different symbols. l what I am -I am no small mean of parts per symbol merger, maybe so far from the genius of small mean merger. I have attempted to give these 96 symbols cool aloof pride and understanding, and that one can see that one would have found, that there is a mathematical identification of symbols. I've been at it from day till dunk and it is Nakr I have thunk for the entire time. Nakr who claims it is exercise that you have missed within your counting by not leaving trails and tracking over them and therefore have not cleared a centralization which is not a list. Or Whose argument is that most wearing of all things like the grips of the desert sand. Is the argument for Nakr being the iconic familial centre or originator of religion: Nakr or hyendelos, hyakr, ondelei... by any other name Ikonstikator...argument that they died and they can't succeed makes Nakr in full regimen seem to preside over mourning... .. . .. ...If you could see it know now so fast in becoming about so fast moving you became less petrified in sandstone from the smallest trimmings of words the smallest trimming the smallest trimming of meaning had for another near their center in balance-some sense of command is necessary to free from the most powerful ever regimen of Nakr. Biggest wrestling NAKR the over-adjusting in which readjusting is a constant for,....still, readjusted for perfect world view. The Big Bang Abandoned Youth Area known as the area where this is from. The BBAYA is a place with 16 gods as cards of the simplest lowly nature it has as it's, so forth.
of nakr and the physical need in fulfillment::Over exercised Nakr will foresee the future...

102.1.garstrargusgi-vision of all the stars in the Universe, comfort not concentrate
1032mastar gopgi-power over close copy, hyendeloik
1043zymurjgulti changer wrong, once wed
105 4ames - the bad one, fire of imagination
1065tweymgy-waiting unknown waiting but were. etwpa eymtwa-good to game to stake not take
107 6gamtwa=the one moves doubting held as good as game
1087guza-the end, jewel of the opposite
109 8 forgo - removing exceedings, lightest star in circle of twenty-two
1109tweymyg - waiting unknown length eymgay- stake of unknown wait
11110.grimtla argument for life, untold singular virtue, one star, pick one
11211.leltpa life for more, excesses unpaid have to be imagined repeatedly
11312.kalta-truth in abstraction or a clearer means of abstraction than encipherment
11413.spero - line for less,fine line between stars which doesn't interfere with the seeing of either star
11514. altplas- place to put, star as pure suggesion
11615.aryu-argument to win
11716.kosi- concentration, end gift fascination

11817.ovsthla - self-harshness ,thought furnishing
11918..plasa-demand for concentration
12019.stupa- spy for concentration, great silent patience
12120.oblas - obey, come out to not forsake absence of contribution and barren secrecy
12221mblasa obeyance yet fail, star answer
12322emya- trick trend, the fruit the answer
12423optras-comforting fascination, remorseless repetition
12524gunmih-comforting alone, carved out atomic micro-fossil in the echoic
12725psalxi-comforting needed
12826.yopto-need yet rare is the need
12927..koni-need not know
13128.zazen-yet hold lost
13229.tuldrog-yet hold gain, patterning complexity
13330. dulyab-yet hold to verb, fight to ease
13431donitch-resort to repair
13532 damya-not obeyance, enthralling
13633kara-the cheating of one, stunning
13734kata-position, unfolding
13835kava- staying extra, detailing
13936kama-bade complex, the shining glory certain of kingdom
14037 eymgaystake of wait
14138gultlas wrong the other
14239kana- words small parts,heavy gravity flight
14340spemi-line for small
14441spemir-line for less
14442moba-all to gain. all to sleep on one vast following falling wake
14543mola-all to power, all enhypnotic tramatic collapse at once
14644mosa-allness, content waiting
14745mana,mona- the rare left in all, differencer of disturbance
14846moga-all within mass, all fascination
14947garafs-to hold words
15048ova-organ of birth to allow coming
15149omta-the wait inherent
15250onta-wait equals rare knowing, the fragile breathes deposit transparent veils
15351oga-the wait to keep, meditative self-assuredly contemplative most patient relaxed correction
15452agrei-seems to praise but only accepts
15553oegem-a beauty, estimated esteem of freshness borrowed to a singular appeal
15654oemeg-a holding
15755omna-many holding
15856omga-the power estimated in gods(a sharing force) and others' creation, turgor of time and meditation
15957ovthe-happen same place
16058onab-same act
16159alkthra-highest honour
16260onthra-to rise (odd)
16361opze-odd humour
16462guna-know of
16563emblod(mblade)-ringing in bad background, ringing to bring forth the least evidence
16765.arya-arguing to stop
16866urtru-better complex
16967saynloyzj-to hold, whenever, again
17068omend-rise again, stretching out to extremesthis word as a holder of by all shadow the light of its strange function
17169tweymo-the need for waiting
17270.jerbo-to have of that patience
17371xyabta-the floating complex to push, dreaming effect
17573oapta - the wait, the larger, the vizor in adaption ,clear mood
17674oaptwa - to fail two goods
17775.oaktwu - a failure in terms
17876spefmurm - seem changing sense, ethera kether kolaps kalkubin
17977.spefge - the line of allowance, coldly realistic sexuality
18078saynly-to go on to any act by no faith
18179goodhars-faith and weakness the failure of comparison
18180.kanroh-notice of cipher, somnabulastic interpretation
18281.ardos-loss of memory
18382arjib-memory hunger, typecasters' false parade
18483kaltgyai-truth thrown, throne
18584oaga-any edge
18685oaja-the fastest line repeats theme of edge by abstraction
18786onthe-accuracy of words in say\ spell - ing
18887saturzj- the knowing more of awe, cleaned
18988garaj- place to put lag
19089obspe-life to line, connection between starsperfect round world
19190obswa- safety in existing
19291kuma-the bidden, they pile up under kuma
19392komnacall for without getting leastness yet
19594omtlag- could be had
19695opthothargument for deem
19796mastha- getting to a hereness an acceptance in thereness


There is an easier way to interpret Nakr, earlier on, by game logic or fortunetelling, with this building, below:
the lines: spero, spemi, spenir, spefge, obspe, oaja
the powers: moba, mola, mosa,moga, omga, omna
the comforts:ames stupa emya, optras, psalxji, marstar
transfer:oabta, aryu arya, opthoth, yobto, koni
obeyance:oblas, kaltgyia, mblasa, kava , kama, kana
the father:ova,omta,onta, mana, tweymgy, tweymyg
the mother:grimtla, leltpa, kalta, altkplas, oga , plasa
the sawing:ovsthla, xabto, forgo, oapta, oaptwa, oaktwu
the children:oaga, gunmiy, zazen, tuldrog, dulyab, donitch
in memeri/exercisee same name:damya, kara, spefmurm, kata, arjib, goodhars
third arch prediction grand:kosi, gopgi, mblade, urtru, onthe, saturjz
second birth:garafs, oegrei, ovthe, alkthra, onthra, guna
third giving:opze, oegem,oemeg,onab, eymgay, eymtwa
family of points:gamtwa, gultlas, saynloyzj, saynlay, ardos, obswe
the shapes:jerbo, tweymg, omend, kanroh, kuma, komna
contemplation area:ogult, omtlag, mastha, guza, gulti, garaj


Here is the sixteen:the faceless one, the androgynous one, the corn or gas woman, the skull and bones one, the green monkey one, the red-lipped one,the packer god, the feathered serpent(archer), the pig god, the toothless one, the pipe-smoking one, the hollow one, the one who avoids, the coon one, the star one(locker one)and the odious one... I told the First Kreator and He said, "Ah, the soul of idolatry and you will have no graven least you assume this sixteen of such commercial and forested nature""Sixteen goes into 96 6 times""At least they will not count for one" ,said he First Kreator of the whole entire Universe and concluded that one.
again we have a 16 or 60 or a 22
That didn't work
then I came up with 96 exercises this nuclear neo-pagan and the First Kreator that may have worked out so as to say that no matter how much one would jibe to continue this work will not remain untainted out bla bla you will just end up coming up with exercisee constantly

the weak part of the First Kreator, kalidirtgod, did not approve of the exercises

Detakr is sequentially a process where any independent entities can understand the abstraction of strength, of exercise and of voting.
three questions can be asked between Nakr and Detakr
why is description all there is?
what is it that Kalidirtgod or the first Creator, demands of me?
how much is it, these three strands the environment, the repayment of all?

detakr is a concern of security machines of eternal life so epitomized or shall we say: so symbolize them as such when realistically they are nothing more than vague abstractions, of gleanings, for the understanding of reaction. These machines are liable, reliant and defended, antithetic and thirdly of least public need defensive, deterministic religion as explorative, personal and as realistic, anthropological and finally as out of your question. First, madness, second, personal & visionary, third a realm of persistence known as dealing. First made out of the Bbayga force, second, religious presentations, two religious actualities... third, therapeutic. The consistent madness liable and reliant, the visionary antithetic and defended in the freedom of the defensive and the deterministic machine problem with three as the sensor energy limit. As designed leveling problem, computer level grand -eating- problem, meal -eating problem, real- eating problem wua alatl atanakromeseis of security machines of eternal life these security machines of eternal life are indicative of certain reactants...bad speech yet it frees. Detakr is equal to a complexity in language we confront as overtly more saving and thus more complex than ours. The reliable machine is the one of constant use, the defended a more public abstraction and the defensive, growing certain eternal security points unavailable by their price itself. It could be calculated otherwise the safe machines put all ignore to know one or Nakr and or what its eymtwa eymga the safe security eternal machines the Big Bang Abandoned Youth Area known as the area where this is from the BBAYA has as it's forthright fighting '"air"'4444 failsafe Unconcious pieces...spread some (prediction in a)mess around?
199.owmtra-round of less effort exchange tricked for some effort
200.oldvo-it is (cipher)a word in trick
201. guwlka- one complex of effort
202. guwlkla- the complexity in every sense of effort
203.graka-the admiration of danger
6omstrite wish to give defining
710untheyhx - described only as other than something else
8famil-well known
209.aumst-the will in good held for whatever reason strange
210.ausvj-the will held in good, whatever reason sneaky
211.graxa- case with passion
212.kroka- death as in cutting
213.kronda-rhythm due to death
214.krakauiy and-expelled force blam will no one in 10 to one and one man who was the main thing in
215.aumstrone-enlarging between hard and soft
216abthea-towards the safe wanting
217 untheaagainstwanting
21820 garumsixth sense moving together
219 extelafter a certain manner of reception
220 garlkaupeopling
221rawblbreakdown failure
222pelvirbdone in gone as said
223 orntrafover the held
224 koax grown
225 komax too sleeping
3226 booshstress life the complex
227 4 soastresj fits in exactly to good points or is not allowed
228 30soasertj movement by minute point in regret
2296 omxshnroithe last accent of the tragedy
230227exshnroi the charge in loose lief
231228 obtlremaker of liberty
232229kordankondor kornaa, kornay makes of good use of force
2330 karmsthe-the uselessness in gathering force
2341aorstmbe- the furtive the uselessness
2352shaolmbe-fear of others, many fear valid
2363kostthnavery sad as interpretation as of wealth
2374pelveploss of annoying knowing
238235.40volka-effort exchanged
2396chorma-the work for good
2418 aumstrone - between hard and soft
2429mwastbea -exshadow
243.orastafter wrong the least
244.ordgreconversion according to rule
245ramble very harsh work
246pelvam - done in gone as known
247ajothchx-end of chatter
248oraywh-hidden doubt
249gautau- into enact, to switch to act really fast
250aktorx- that fastest acting machine
252nychaasthe word not yet identified for whom maybe
253ompthza- vision
254omptowisdom with referred move
255omnioy-hearing of ignoring
256agess, attractive towards smoothness
257ajesholds close to safe tied to back when
258oubstcry of holding
259oufnst- cry of willing
260atres-the call of the win
261ases-to decide if yet individual
262abes-the good defined as awin
263ales-to break
264oemtescry of abiding
265oempes to break to smaller
266emajpast vsion
267ompsamthe number they respond
268omplexthe number they respire
269omjoithe number they arise
270aeress to go of above
271riress come up fromagain
272diresslength in time
273direa-explaining failure
274lyfrohesistant in place
275ablans maintaining
276amstralpstop not yet identified
277agrapto held
278othun risk in held
279omfto- pleased commonly left alone deviant
280artsne-sixth sense
281rawmbe coveted at extreme
282rawshr-failure by chaos,ignorance unknown unapparent pressure
283obstre-loose yet free if liberty
284cera-count of unknown
285.celos - the holding away by having

$$$.We interrupt at this necessary division to bring you a tale which is for the well of the being as well of the rind as well as the mind...Harporata, the angel, glows there, and is the clown angel. He also deals with the incorporation of excess.
We also engage in speech the angel Halthotha, of the abstraction of all things, even humour and removed communicable resources.

between detakr and diorakr
the question of whether it gives to be between me the environment or some other?
the determinant of doing is having...what is to be asked, whether one desires to know what one is doing or whether one is willing to have that from a type, kind or enigma of doing?
dare to question why many, many questions do not destroy a particular picture, scene or surrounding?

The meaning of Diorakr is the miniature meaning of life the first, not the meaning of life.

%%%.DIORAKR the breathingClosest description offering fairchance description An apparatus with plenty of sensors the dreaming/ breathing :breeding state and when will we have a breeding of the paranormal, yet productive; the breathing of the essence of sense>> escapes from heaven or is a disaster Read Chapter