Prequel VS Sequel

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Hey CITS Readers! I am having trouble deciding on a prequel or sequel for the novel. I have shown some extracts below of either. More info is below!

Submitted: May 11, 2014

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Submitted: May 11, 2014



Hey guys! This is ONLY for people who have read the entire first novel of CITS. I am having trouble whether to decide on a sequel or prequel.

These are two intros I have done for a sequel and a prequel. Which one interests you? Which one would you like to follow? Is there a character in the previous book that you think will have a major role here? What about the many mysteries that have left forgotten?

Do these questions fill your head?

Read them and tell me what you think! :D


Castles in the Sky – The War of Beginnings

This is the SEQUEL of Castles in the Sky. I have not even started writing it yet but I have a general idea of what will happen.

Here is an extract on how the story might open up like;

This world is beyond our own.

It once was a world full of fight, work, torture and survival. The Castles that were once in the sky were a prison to the innocent species of Humans and Water-Dwellers.

They were ruled by the Shockers; cruel and powerful people who can use electric and wind. But now, things have changed.

The wars are over. The fight is over. The Shockers have been wiped out completely except for two. Two that came around to their senses…

They stood in a cave. Fire glistened gracefully on the torches which hung on the slimy, dull walls. A pool of clear what glowed its gentle ripples in the fire’s light.

“Ranander. I don’t understand HOW we can just forgive them. Forgive them, just like that”

“They forgave us. They forgave us for all the stuff that we had done. And that was hard. We killed innocent people. We forced them from freedom. What’s wrong with you? What more do you want?”

“There is NOTHING wrong with me! We’re the only two left! What are we gonna do…?”

Jay was pacing nervously, running his hand through his black, spiked hair. His shredded trainers stomped the ground nervously as his hands constantly slid in and out of his jean pockets.

“We’ll be fine… don’t worry” Ranander said, softly putting her arms around him.

“No… we won’t be” Jay snapped. He forced himself away from her and fixed his ripped, leather jacket around him.

“Jay. Calm down. Come on. Let’s just get something to eat” Ranander pleaded, her red eyes glinting at Jay’s. He turned around and stared at her with his own set of red eyes.

“I’m not hungry” he snapped, electric sparking from one of his hands.

Ranander twitched her large, pointy wings in irritation. She then slowly walked over to him and put her hands on his shoulders.

“Then what do you want?” she hissed. Jay looked desperately into her eyes.

“I… I…”

Ranander glared at him. Why was it so secretive?

“I just…”

“Yes? Tell me”

Jay sighed and looked away from her.

“I want things to go back to they were. Back when WE were in control and when we slaughtered and tortured for our livings… back when… when Ryan was alive… back when we were feared”

Ranander dropped her jaw at his answer. She slowly clenched her fangs in anger at him. Jay looked at her and let tears stream his face;

“I want the castles to be back in the sky”


 Castles in the Sky – The Future’s Past (Prequel)

This is a possible extract from the prequel. It is more likely to be focused on the Shocker’s past but may flick back to the Water-Dwellers and Humans.

If I do start to write a prequel, I’m going to try and make it more gruesome and stuff since I think I’ve been going a little soft with my writing so far.

Anyway, here is an extract;

“She’s… beautiful” a soft voice said.

“She is. Our first child. She’ll make a fine Queen” a more gruff voice said.

A King and Queen looked at their beautiful Daughter that had just been born. They stared down at her, their red eyes full of pride and reverence.

Their whole Kingdom worshipped the birth of another Royal. More years passed as the kingdom constantly gave their best to the King and Queen’s Daughter, who was named Ranander.

When she reached the age of twelve, she trained her heart out with swords and weapons.

Since she was a Shocker, and that Shockers can control wind and electric, she was not allowed to use her magic until she reached fifteen.

At the moment, she was using a live Human as her target, attacking them in defensive and offensive styles. A few other Humans lay dead; targets that had been used up.

A thirteen year old Boy stood at the back of the room. His glinting red eyes stared at Ranander with complete desire for her.

“Well done” he said, once Ranander had taken down her target.

“Thanks” Ranander said, putting away her sword.

“Well… it was nice watching you and all but… do you think you can hang out with me now? You know… do you wanna go down by the river now or something?” the Boy said nervously.

“Sure thing… oh and Jay?”


“Would you… like to… um… train with me tomorrow?” Ranander asked. Jay looked at her nervously.

“Ah… sure… but can Ryan come?”

Ranander nodded as they headed down the corridors. As they reached the large metal gate at the front of the castle, a Shocker ran pass them.

“Ah! Your Highness? You have to get back inside!” he said.

“Why?” Ranander asked in surprise.

“The… the Humans and the Water-Dwellers! They’re attacking the castle! You MUST get inside!” the Shocker yelled angrily, grabbing Ranander and Jay by the arm.

“Ranander!” a voice came from around the corridor. Ranander stared to see her Father come running to her.

He ordered the Shocker to leave as he led Jay and Ranander to the highest point at the castle.

Jax forced them to stay in the room. He left through the door as Jay walked over to a hole in the wall, showing a view of the courtyard.

Ranander slowly followed him. They then widened their eyes at what they saw.

Blood had stained more than half of the courtyard. Water was being flung everywhere as so was electric. Ranander glared at her people fall to the ground.

Voices of the dying filled her ears. Jay looked over at her, knowing that this wasn’t an ideal day for her. They put their arms around each-other, blocking the awful sight from their eyes.

They then sat in the corner of the room, their heads in each-other’s shoulders. They knew that they had not finished their collection for the Humans and Water-Dwellers and that’s why they had come.

They knew that war was going to be flung over them for one little fault they had made.

So what do you think? Sequel or prequel? Your vote! How can you convince me? Give me your opinion ;)

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