Silvia Grey

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

*AUTHOR'S NOTE 10/8/15 - Ignore the comments below. This is the new version of SG and those comments no longer relate. Enjoy!*

The year is 2200.

Thieves, a race of once-human people who host many prevailing abilities, are the terror of the galaxy. They do not remember their past life as Human. All they remember is waking up on a table and having one instinct; commit crimes to live. They are the darkness in the world.

Silvia Grey, a forever seventeen-year old Boss Thief with a rather distinct feature, is threatened to be put on the most horrific prison in the galaxy. She knows she must escape the perilous city of Arcadia to lead herself away. The only option?

Escape planet Earth.

However, when the money on her head gets increasingly jeopardous and a Human boy falls hopelessly into an illegal love with her, the grand escape to a better life becomes a pitfall of loss.

Table of Contents

Welcome to the Future

Chapter One – Welcome to the Future Bouncing a small silver ball against the dull and cold walls of her cell, Silvia played with he... Read Chapter

The City of Arcadia

Chapter Two – The City of Arcadia Silvia had made her way over to Suburbia; the wrecked and dull part of Arcadia which was now Thie... Read Chapter

The Capturing

Chapter Three – The Capturing While Silvia pretty much knew Daniel’s basic traits; sheriff, annoying, serious, hater of Thieves, ... Read Chapter

An Illegal Love

Chapter Four – An Illegal Love Sam had made it back to Suburbia, almost crashing the bike on the way. Soon enough, he parked t... Read Chapter

Failure of Information

Chapter Five – Failure of Information Silvia and Max had not spoken to each other at all. The situation was too awkward for Silvia.... Read Chapter

Found, But Not Dangerous

Chapter Six – Found, But Not Dangerous Silvia sped through the streets as casually as she could, but people still ran in terror all... Read Chapter

The Diary

Chapter Seven – The Diary “I don’t trust that Human, Silvia.” Sean barked, pacing up and down the hideout like a deranged cre... Read Chapter


Chapter Eight – Red-Handed After a drive of bumping, yelling and almost getting caught, the four managed to make it to the right ap... Read Chapter

Food, Flirting and Friendship

Chapter Nine – Food, Flirting and Friendship Max eventually got home past the stalking Thieves, stomping up the stairs in exhaustio... Read Chapter

Secret Revealed

Chapter Ten – Secret Revealed Silvia and Sean had managed to get back, they had talked about what happened while eating for at leas... Read Chapter

Starlight Glasshouse

Chapter Eleven – Starlight Glasshouse “News update. A bounty hunter has approached the A.P.D, demanding to Chief Daniel Polo abou... Read Chapter