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The FINAL results! Good luck!

Submitted: April 17, 2013

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Submitted: April 17, 2013



Hey there! This is the moment you've all been waiting for! THE RESULTS! Now, there was ten VERY talented contestants taking part so it was very difficult for me. But there was three who just stood out. Before I announce the final results, here is a re-cap of the prizes and a comment on everyone's work. (PLEASE READ THESE FIRST);

3rd - Will fan you, read one of your works and like it.
2nd - Will fan you, read two of your works and like them both.
1st - Will fan you, promote one of your works on my profile, read one of your works and like it.

Valeriya Ponomar - In the Mountains High -
An EXCELLENT poem. Valeriya has true talent at writing poems. She fits every word in perfectly, makes sure it makes sense and makes the reader be gripped on. This poem is the one she had posted for me and I traited it with Happiness/ Sadness.

Km2 - Ka is a Wheel
Very mysterious and well written poetry. Even though I don't follow the Dark Tower series, I thought it was very good. I know that Km2 was dying to post it as it said in the summary.

ZAE - Good-Bye to You -
A very touching poem. It made me tear up. I had to accept it in as it was too well traited with Sadness. I have a feeling that KAE is a true friend as the peom was for her best-friend who died.

Synesthesia - Happiness -
A very good peom that means a lot to life of Happiness and emotions. It was laid out very well and I caught on to it very quick. Yes, very good poem indeed.

SilverAshes - Beneath the Willow Tree -
An EXCELLENT short story. I loved it from start to end and the plot. It was very good when it comes to laying out as everything was just up to perfection.

EJRylee - The Untold Story of a Worthless Girl -
I loved this. It was touching and brilliantly led out. The description was also very good. The plot was original and very smart.

Skylla - My Invisible Scars -
A very secretive poem and very well put together. I could imagine it very well in my head so I would recommend it as a Dark and Sad poem.

Tomjd94 - Is There Something You Need to Tell Us? -
It was an excellent piece of work. I really liked it. It sort of showed me that you have to tell someone if you're sad but sometimes it can cause trouble or you'll think nothing ever changes. But it was very good.

Ghoul24 - Open Your Ears -
This was very good. It was from the sad person's point of view. At points it just wanted to make you cry!

Declan McKimm - The Last Letter to My Mother -
Very touching. It was good and very smartly written. Instead of "With Love", Declan writ "With Love?" and then from etc. It was very good and I liked it very much.

THOSE ARE THE REVIEWS! Here is the FINAL results...!


Third Place is... EJRylee! I will be fanning you (if I haven't already) and reading and liking ONE of your works soon! Congrats!

Second Place is... Valeriya Ponomar! I will be fanning you (if I haven't already) and reading and liking TWO of your works soon! Congrats!

First Place is... SilverAshes! I will be fanning you (if I haven't already), promoting one of your works and reading and liking one of your works! Congrats!

The rest of the contestants were excellent and it was seriously hard to choose as it was driving me crazy. I hope you all enjoyed doing the contest anyways! Peace! And I will be giving the Winner's rewards either tomorrow or the day after!

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