Love Has No Boundaries

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"I'll do what every it takes for you to be happy. Because for me, love has no boundaries

Submitted: November 07, 2013

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Submitted: November 07, 2013



Harley sat in the living room, drinking some tea she had made and was attempting to catch her breath. It had been a long difficult day for her. She had pulled her long dirty blond hair into a top knot and took off her jacket, the blue one she bought at Pink the other day. Man she was hot! But it was a small price to pay to get her job done. Her day had been busy indeed. Preparations for her and Dave's four year anniversary had begun that morning. First she went to the local mall and found the most beautiful wrapping paper and a perfect sized box for her gift to him. Then she went Lowes to have a key copied, couldn't do her surprise if she couldn't get in! Also while she was there she picked up a new set of knives, as her's were beginning to dull. She could barely cut anything with her old set! A man who was at the register had been checking her out, but he could never even begin to compare to her dear Dave. She simply ignored him, paid and left. After words she stopped at her favorite dress shop, Lara's, and found the most beautiful dress! A nice, medium length black one with red lace on the ends. Wouldn't he be surprised? And now finally she was done. She laid her head back on the couch and sighed happily, love was beautiful....

But that simple, natural action was a deadly mistake. For it left her neck perfectly exposed, allowing the knife to slide across her milky white skin. The blood came out immediately, spilling down the front of her jacket and on the floor. She coughed and sputtered, spraying blood everywhere. Weakly she turned her head, only to see the culprit to be a woman she had never seen before. Long, brown, curly hair and smiling red lips was the last thing she saw. Then the blackness took over, and she was gone.

The woman smiled dreamily, and giggled out, " You belong with me, she would've never made you happy. I'll do what every it takes for you to be happy, Dave. Because for me, love has no boundaries."

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