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Its all just a dream?


As I laid down to sleep I thought here comes the usual dreams.
It always seems like I forget most dreams but some seem to stick out like the one you have just before you wake up.
I had this one that I was walking down this long brightly lighted hallway where there were people frozen in time at their happiest moment.
Off to the left of me was a baby fast asleep with a beautiful smile on its face, to the right a boy having fun with the first ball he could call his very own.
As I kept walking there was a couple teenagers holding hands smiling at each other than on the other side a couple getting married than futher down people celebrating New Years Eve looking forward to a new and better year than a older couple sitting next to each other smiling and looking into each others eyes.
After that was a empty space with no one there right than I woke up.
I sat up and tried to think of my happiest moment and for the life of me could not think of one certain thing. Now I don't know what to think, was my life such a drag that I didn't stop to smell the roses, did I treat people well, did I treat myself well, did people treat me well?
Maybe my happiest moment is still yet to come and I'm hoping it will come soon.

Submitted: September 05, 2012

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Ben A Vanguarde

I kind of thought these scenes were his from earlier in life that he did not appreciate when they came by. You did leave a small measure of ambiguity to the story.

Nice writing, descriptive, and easy for all of us to identify with.

Sat, February 23rd, 2013 1:38am

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