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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
Three friends decide to prepare a planchit in their professor's house.BUT they didn't knew that something weird and strangeful is waiting for them.

Submitted: February 07, 2014

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Submitted: February 07, 2014



Three friends Gopal,Paresh and Suman were in the library discussing about their studies.Suddenly Paresh notices a book in he book shelf,it was a book about how spirits can b called by a process called "PLANCHIT".He goes and brings the book and opens the first page and starts reading it.Pretending to have understand te whole content by just reading the summary he starts explaining to his friends.

"Hey friends look we can call spirits by planchit" said paresh."I don't think that is a good idea to call spirits and to fall in some problems" replied gopal.

Being the most coward of the three gopal didn't want to do so.

"Yes that looks interesting and i also know a person who can help us in our mission"said suman very excitedly.

"Who????" both Paresh and Gopal asked togeother.

"Prof.Bakshi" calmly answered by Suman.

After leaving the library three of them went to meet Prof.Bakshi in staff room.

"How are you Prof.Bakshi ?"said Suman.

"I'm fine but how cum you people has come to staff room" said suprisingly by Prof.Bakshi.

"We want some help from you. Paresh wants to call spirits.Actually we all want to do this but as you know that in planchit we require 4 persons and I thought you  would be the right choice as you have performed this thing previously" completed Suman with a huge gulp of air,

Prof.Bakshi thought for a while and said  "Be ready with your things and meet me tommorow in the morning at 10:00 AM outside the college near the bus stop I will come to receive you in my car". 

"OK we will meet you tommorow" they said togeother.

Next day Paresh and Suman reached the bus stop 30 minutes early and were waiting for the remaining two to arrive.

"Why is gopal so late? He always comes on time whenever we make a plan." slowly questioning by Paresh.

"He might be preparing for the planchit as you know he is very coward so he must be coming here after taking some anti-spirits techniques" said Suman andboth of them stars laughing.

After waiting for 2 hours they becomes a little frustrated because Gopal didn't reached yet and Prof.Bakshi also didn't came to receive them.They were talking about the Planchit and suddenly a car horn was heared at the back of them.They turned around and saw an a red coloured 'AUDI'.

"WOW!!!" Just came from the mouth of Paresh

"Prof. we didn't knew that you own an AUDI"said Paresh surprisingly.

"Where is Gopal?"asked Bakshi.

"He didn't reached yet"answered Suman.

 "Lets go" said Bakshi.

"But what about Gopal?" Paresh asked.

"Just call him and say to come directly to my house" Bakshi answered.

Three of them reeached Bakshi's house.They just entered and the electricity went off and there was darkness all over the house.Bakshi went inside and got a candle lit up and came to the door and welcomed his guests.

"Come inside students" welcomed Bakshi.

They were just talking about how to carry out the PLANCHIT the door bell rang.Paresh ran towards the door and found that it was Gopal.As it was dark in the room and raining heavily outside Gopal's wet face seemed red like blood in the darkness.Paresh welcomed Gopal and both went inside the room.

Bakshi and Suman prepared all the proceedings for the PLANCHIT ans were ready to strat.

"Come lets take our seat and not delay further as already we are very late" Said Bakshi.

"Listen there are some conditions to follow before we start this.No one will leave the table in the middle of the process." completed Bakshi.

They started the PLANCHIT and after some time Gopal started grunting as if the ghost has entered in his body.

"What happened Gopal?" frightened Suman said.

"It is normal sometime the spirits requires some medium to come in touch with us" said Bakshi.

"What is your name?" asked Bakshi to the spirit inside Gopal's body.

Gopal was just grunting and making strange noise.

 Bakshi again asked his name many time but Gopal was grunting everytime.At last he said that his name was Ganesh.

"How and when did you die?" asked Suman.

"I died today in the morning.While crossing a road and  a car came and hit me on my back and passed by.I Was crying for  help but the car didn't stop.The car driver was the only oneto help me as there was no one nearby." the spirit said.

"Do you know who was in the car?" Bakshi asked in little feared voice.

All of the were frightened because they were talking to a spirit who lost his life just a few hours before.

"I don't know his name but I saw a glimpse of his car no. it was 'MH 12 KL 5050'' Gopal said.

Bakshi shouted loudly and fall down and lost his consiousness.Paresh and Suman stood up and went to see Bakshi.Meanwhile Gopal too got up and ran outside the rain.Paresh said Suman to follow Gopal as he was been controlled by a ghost.Suman went outside the house and was searching Gopal in the darkness with a small torch light.Suddenly the name of the ghost strucked in his mind and he realised that everyone calls Gopal as Ganesh in his home.It was confirmed that it was gopal who died in the accident.But still he was searching him because he wanted to know who was the killer.

While searching Gopal his torch light wnet over the no. plate of Bakshi's car.He was shocked when he read it.

IT WAS "MH 12 KL 5050"..........


© Copyright 2020 shaanmanna. All rights reserved.

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