The Pain.. He Overlooked!!

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I am a person whose thoughts and dreams know no bounds. Sometimes my thoughts seem so crazy and the words that come out seem even more. Stil, I would like to post my writings out to the world and
be recognized for being myself!

Submitted: June 06, 2018

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Submitted: June 06, 2018



It was 1 AM. His hands were shaking as he tried to comb his hair. Mano was in front of mirror unable to look at his own face. He tried and gave up.

He hurriedly went into the room to fetch his backpack. It contained his personal computer and charger. He searched the side zipper for something and it was empty. Then he remembered..

…Da..keep your passport in your new table drawer, bottom rack. Next time if you search for it,call me

She made fun of his memory and smiled after telling this. He remembered thinking of her mischievous face that day.

He ran to his table and opened the bottom drawer. There was his passport lying. He grabbed it and his mobile charger from above the table. He packed a couple of jeans and T-shirt in his backpack. The charge was lesser than half in his mobile. He opened the drawer again and took the portable charger gifted to him by her on his last birthday. He remembered.

..Give it back if you won’t use it

He remembered her naughty face when she said that with lips pushed forward like a pig, which he used to call as a piggy face.

He kept it inside his bag, though he knows he won’t use it because he can’t use it with his new phone. He once verified if he has taken all that is needed and started towards the door, his hair still messy. Time was 1:30 AM. 24 hours since Rahul called. The thought of his call blocked his vision of the door as tears filled his eyes.

He opened the door and his friend Vinay was waiting outside in car as planned. Neither of them exchanged a word. Mano got inside the car near the driver seat. Wore his seat belt and away they went.

The flight was at 3 AM. It was 2:15 AM as he entered the immigration hall. The crowd was not much as it was a weekday. His travel out of the country was chopped and he walked towards the security gate where there were separate lines for men and women. He thought it hurts. The thought of woman made him think of her.

After the security check, Mano reached near his gate. There was a waiting lounge. He sat there. Time was 2:35 AM. He remembered of their travel together. She won’t sit simply how much ever he said. She will drag him to take pictures for memory. The last time they traveled, she made him take pictures of her everywhere there is something country specific. But now he was sitting simply. Even though he thought of taking pictures of her, his legs failed. 10 more minutes had crossed and the call for boarding was announced.

He had settled at the window seat allocated to him after placing his backpack in his cabin. He remembered her telling not to sleep but to watch the beautiful sunset on one side and stars in the night sky on the other side when he traveled to Singapore to visit her. He planned to watch the sunrise that day.

It had been 5 hours since the takeoff. The sunrise was beautiful. She was a lover of nature. A lover of music. A lover of all nice things. She highlights even a small thing for its quality. She enjoys all little things in life. He thought how much she would have got excited had she been there during the sunrise. He had 20 more hours to kill. To? Reach? Reach where??

Mano opened his eyes as lunch was served. Dreams had been more beautiful.

A big jolt in the flight due to thunder and rain outside and she tightly clutched his hand and laughed.

It had been 12:30 PM. He had missed breakfast. He hadn’t slept in past 27 hours after the phone call from Rahul. The air hostess served him lunch. A north Indian thaali as requested by him. He also hadn’t had food for past 1 day except for water and tea. He started eating. It tasted bitter. Everything tasted so bitter to him. There was her favorite sweet jamun. Jamun tasted bit salty. His tears had mixed with jeera as he ate it.

Juices and other drinks were served after the lunch plate was taken. There were orange juice, apple juice, alcoholic wine, and beer. He wanted to ask for beer or wine. He did not want to be in his right sense. He wanted to forget the present. He wanted only the dreams as the present is tearing him apart on the inside. But he asked for orange juice as she would not have liked him to take alcohol.

He closed his eyes wishing to get the dreams back. He wanted to be lost in her world. He wanted to be with her and hold her and be in her arms. But he know she won’t even come near him even if she is beside him now. She is hurt. He hurt him. He lied to her. She trusted him. She trusted him so much. She blindly believed him. She was so proud of him. She was so happy that she got a genuine and true person in life. She said this to many others proudly. The big mountain of trust was broken by him. He broke her trust, her belief, her happiness. Her meaning in life was lost.She couldn’t believe that this ever happened. She couldn’t believe that its real. She wished to wake up to reality. But the dawn never came. Dreams never faded away. She was sad,very sad. Broken ,torn apart, mad and nothing reduced her pain. As the one who enjoys every small thing, even smaller things hurt her deeply .This big lie put her survival in jeopardy. She was deeply torn not just because he lied but because that she can never trust him again.

She had so many dreams of living with him. She was waiting for the day to be in his arms. She had planned for Friday night as movie night..she had planned for Saturday night as dine out..She had planned to wake up early and cook him breakfast and lunch daily..she had planned to dry his hair of her dupatta..she had planned to kiss him goodbye.. She had planned to welcome him home in the evening with a kiss and smile.. She had planned to sit on his lap as they both have evening tea.. She had planned to give him romantic nights.. All lost with the lie…Tears were oozing out from the corner of his eyes. He went into oblivion.

There she was, in front of him. Her head tilted to the left and looking at him as he was sleeping. Her eyes showed sadness, growing more melancholy with every passing minute. Her lips were tight. There was a love that he could sense in her eyes along with the sadness. She wanted him in her arms, she put her hands out forward but withdrew it, she didn’t need him. Tears welled up in her eyes. It was about to fall. He sensed something cold in his hands and woke up with a shock. The kid sitting nearby had spilled water on to his hands.

His heart ached. Rahul’s phone call, if only it hadn’t come…

It was 1:30 AM. Church bell rang, or it looked like it. Again the same sound for the second time. He woke up. His phone was ringing. It was Rahul. Renu’s cousin. Mano first foolishly wondered if it was Renu calling from Rahul number. Then realized it's not.

Hello Rahul..How are you? What’s up?

Hi Mano.. I am fine..

Oh, that’s good. Hope all are fine at home. What time is it? Oh, 10 am there. Had breakfast?

No Mano…We..

Yeah? Why? At office huh?

No Mano.. At Renu home..

Mano’s thoughts were interrupted by the person who served dinner. He said he doesn’t want and the person left. Soon after that, there was the landing call. It was a transit journey. He was at the London airport, walking through the grand shops. Everything reminded him of Renu. There was a cosmetic shop which she would have surely gone in. There was a shoe shop. He would literally have had to pull her away. There was a toy shop. He saw their favorite toy minion and her favorite toy teddy bear as she said he looked like it. There was a bookshop, Renu reads a lot. He couldn’t bear anything. He wanted to be lost in dreams. The flight was in another half hour. He held himself together and killed the time and got into the final flight to reach her. Another 5 hours to kill.

In this flight, near him was an Indian elderly man sitting at the window seat. The man looked at him as he came nearby and took the middle seat. His look seemed accusing to Mano. He was reminded of Renu’s grandpa. Mano had not seen him. He left the world even before Mano entered Renu’s life. But Renu had said loads about him. She had been very close to her grandpa. He looked at Mano without a smile. He felt guilty. He felt that it would be better if the man takes a gun and shoot him. Later the man slept. Mano had his own thoughts that killed him. The time was nearing. In three more hours he would see her and Rahul and everyone. Now it had nearly been 48 hours since the call. As soon as he got the call, Mano checked for flight availability and to his bad luck there was one at 3 AM the next day, which is 27 hours from the time of call. The time he spent ,the 27 hours was the most worst thing than death, Mano thought.

oh Rahul.. Why are you at Renu home now.. I don’t remember her telling me about any function today!!?

Mano thought. Renu wouldn’t have said even if any function was there. She did not speak the before day. All Mano heard from her for 6 mins was her intermittent breath sound as she cried silently. Then she had cut the call. After that, she wouldn’t attend the call. Mano gave up and slept. He did not understand her pain’s depth.

Yeah.. So you spoke with Renu yesterday? 

Yes, Rahul. Yesterday night.

Mano lied.

Hmmm okay. Could you come over maybe tomorrow?

Rahul? What? Where?? You mean India? I mean, any joke you are playing? 

Call for landing.

It was India. The land where Mano and Renu met. The land where they both fell in love. The land where she trusted him blindly. The land where she lived and loved. It was her city, her city where they both got wedded to each other happily crossing so many hurdles. As Mano kept his foot down of the flight into her land, a current passed through his legs into his entire body and shook him. She was not far away. Its a half an hour journey.

No mano.. I am serious.

Why?? I mean, why?? What’s wrong??


Renu?? Renu what Rahul? Renu is okay? Renu is fine? Anything wrong? 

Renu.. Is not very fine Mano. You come here ASAP

A thousand thoughts ran through his mind. Renu used to get stomach aches when she is tensed. He thought she is in the hospital due to stomach ache. Or Renu told everything about the issue to her family. Or Renu wants to see me, so she is lying and making Rahul tell to him. This and many other thoughts came into his mind.

The journey was over. Another 5 minutes walk. It was 5 AM in the morning. 53 solid hours since the call. Mano’s entire body ached. His brain only sent guilty waves all thought out his body. He needed Renu now. He want her. He loved her. He missed her. He did a big mistake. He put their life into a big trouble just because he needed her. He decided selfishly. Renu couldn’t accept any of it. Renu despised him. But Renu loved him. She couldn’t accept him nor reject him. She suffered. She was crushed. Renu did not want this. He wanted her. He walked. He will see her in another 5 minutes. Renu…

Rahul..Rahul…what’s wrong with Renu? Please tell me she is fine. Please.

Mano begged. There was a long pause. He could hear sniffs from Rahul.

Rahul..Rahul…Rahul….please…Rahul…please tell me she is okay..please, please..

Mano reached her home. The place where they lived for few days before he left. The place where they actually lived after getting married. The only place where they lived and followed a routine with each other.


Rahul.. Renu???? 

Mano was already in tears.


Mano entered the house.

She was there in the hall.. Renu..His Renu.. She was there..

Renu left us, Mano

She was there..Renu was there in the hall..
In a small pot.

Mano… Renu is no more

Mano saw her…and near his Renu was a small finger ring… With a name on it.

It read MANO.

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