love's possibilities remaining possilities

Sipping Lightness

I could be a droplet
On your eyelash
Or a tickling behind
Your knees
I could breathe your words
Or speak your air
With not a puff
Of superstition

After all, mightn't
All there is after
Be the falling to knees
Along the flower path
That no sweating god ever

God may well be
A whale-tooth erection
A flesh garden coloured
In rushed veins
A torrential rain not to wipe out
But to white out eyes
Pin and needle
Naked feet
To find in me

Drunk of you
Drinking me

And praying
For more thorn
For love's sex to burn
Off all the lorn we learned
And scream
To the sutras
Of furthest mountains

I would be a tower
Glinting glass
In pagan light
Of pagan day
And my dominion
Of meadows tingling
Skin thin and wearing

I would beg
The ritual fires
As though they really
Did sire me from wild boy
To burning man
To ghosting smoke
Rings lingering
In only the most twisted

Why have we lied
Through the songs written
For the very other
That never existed?

We exist! We exist!
We sink into slicking
Birth canal
We as gypsy moons
Will gust on solar tide
Until at long last
We find the crash
We'd thought
Dashed against the rocks

And we'll ransack
The villages they already pillaged
And desecrate the temples
They already razed

And the sip of lightness inside my eyes
Will be your fold of flesh descending
Around me, splashing our
Shared sheath

To mouth nectaring
Sucking more longing

All we promised
And more we'd missed

To the break of come
Richter-scaling ribcage


By R P Webster

January 25, 2007

Submitted: June 08, 2007

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