an evening to remember

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the ability we have as human beings is sky high yet at times we forget to acknowledge that.

Submitted: February 05, 2012

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Submitted: February 05, 2012



Carnivals always remind me of funnel cakes, corn dogs, and not to mention silly rides. People around me are in such a cheerful disposition that one way or another it transcends into mine. Few days ago my son and I went to a carnival adjacent to where we reside. It was a beautiful afternoon; rather almost evening. Every time we take this trip, it is a blast. The delight on his face makes my day.  We wander around at first and plan which ride to attack first!

 My son is almost seven years old with a wit that is beyond his age. I call him the love of my life, but in reality he is my mentor. He taught me how to listen, how to see; above all, how to feel with all my senses. Being with him demonstrates me to be mused with innocence that I once had. To him, world is a place with immeasurable possibilities.There are rides that are constrained for kids of certain age. The way they inflict that is by measuring the height of each kid. They have a big thin board where they have the height marked in different colors. I was simply observing my son’s expressions every time he was able to go on a ride. His entire being prospered with joy, as if his biggest attainment rested on that exact ride. The rides that did not permit him to get on, gave him a glum face, but it only persisted till the next one that he was able to ride on. The exquisiteness of observing a child’s expression is it sways from one moment to the next….

At the end of the evening, we were heading back home exhausted from all the fun that we had. To my amazement, I heard my son talking only about the rides that he was not able to get on. He had erased about all the others that he was able to experience, or scarcely made. That made me ponder, isn’t that what we do in life?

We have comprehensive indifference for the substances that we have attained, but unable to summon up about the opportunities we barely conquered. We disremember how we have merely reached the station right before the train started; rather we grumble when we have missed the train. We go through life only retaining the things that we did not attain, and we do that very expediently by attributing those lost opportunities through blaming others. To our amusement we would rather let someone else take the culpability on behalf of ourselves. Occasionally we would pursue for concepts such as luck, timing and so on and so forth. We would very expediently overlook to encompass life as we identify, and out it on that very list. We do not halt and contemplate the thought that perhaps there is no such thing as “luck”! This concept of luck makes me reflect into thinking if we, the humans are the solitary species who are accustomed to this.

Over the course of my life, I have observed numerous human endeavors, and to my absolute delight they are to be regarded as our triumph in life. We do hope yet we seldom postpone for that hope to come true. We put effort into constructing that very hope to actuality. The thought of hope is influential, as it gravitates to the anonymous, such as impending moments.  Our aptitude to envision our forthcoming astonishes me. We do not know with inevitability, what will transpire in the impending moment. These human merits do not smear when we comprise components such as sheer “luck”. How do we constrain ourselves to an infinite lucidness yet be so naïve, and transport “luck” into the sequence of our existence!!

The dichotomy of thoughts that we convey as human beings is so captivating, that it seizes my attention to an extreme extent. How can we embrace so much buoyancy when life is nothing but an elusive sea? I succumb to my thoughts and start discerning slight details of life as I know it. I might have gone to the carnival for the excitement, but came back with an experience that one might call carnival of life…..


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