Blissfully ever after!!!

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how society views marriage and monogamy when it is something we get accustomed to.

Submitted: February 05, 2012

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Submitted: February 05, 2012



Love is an inconsistent element in a marriage. I have been married for sufficient number of years to have had comprehended that thought. Connection of two bodies beyond our grasp does not necessitate us to be in love. Our bodies can give us pleasure without ever having to touch our souls. I get intrigued by the notion of the primordial way of touching God through bonding of two bodies. Many people have claimed that they have had encountered that, truth be told I am not one of them. I have stretched a definite state of physical trance that I necessitate and yearn, but is there anything more to that?

Feeling of being in love has its identifiable inducements, but how do you designate love in a marriage when marriage is nothing but a mere habit? Sometimes you remain in a marriage because that is the accurate thing to do. If companionship is what we desire, then why do we have to endure to be married? Some might reflect that I do not believe in marriage, but I do. I do rely on in the enchanted notion of marriage, the pseudo captivation, which we are fascinated with.

Monogamy is not natural; rather it defies the approach that nature coveted us to follow. I do not think that our desire ends with one specific individual. One person cannot accomplish every necessity of another. Intermittently I do want to look at a beautiful man, or a smart and ingenious one or the one with bountiful wit! I do not think I am undertaking anything out of the ordinary, rather I am only ensuing the way it was meant to be. Our communal rudiments on the other hand oblige us to a memorandum that was constructed to generate synchronization amid all of us. We have formed a conviction that love is a criterion in order to initiate a liaison.Marriage constitutes vows of fidelity, which is not learned. Fidelity is practiced and handful of people can attain that utterly. Remaining in a true orthodox marriage is not biologically possible as we were not destined to follow the notion of exclusivity that is called monogamy.

Society creates a conviction that marriage is a mystic experience, when in reality it is essential to sustain a harmonious society most of us feel the requisite for. Every little girl dreams of a perfect wedding yet there is no such thing as a perfect marriage. I love the idea behind the notion of marriage, the idealization that it engenders; the anticipation that it contributes in a marriage. I am envious of people who can persist in a true marriage that they vowed for. People who form an unconditional pledge for one another astound me. People, who do not defy the natural insatiable desire for the new, make me wonder if there is anything more to marriage than I know!!!


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