Things to do before you die

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88 things I want to do before I die

Submitted: January 21, 2010

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Submitted: January 21, 2010



1) Graduate from college
2) Learn German
3) Visit Germany
4) Get married
5) Have kids
6) Visit third bridge five times
7) Visit 5 different known haunted places
8) Write 100 poems in 1 year
9) Break out the windows of an unusable clunker with a baseball bat
10) Sell said clunker for scrap metal
11) Shave my head
12) Get 3 tattoos
13) Get full sleeve tattoos
14) Buy a coffin
15) Do a photo shoot in a graveyard
16) Leave flowers on/near 3 random headstones
17) Own a dog
18) Own a cat
19) Own a home
20) Photograph someone currently in the armed forces
21) Completely fill a camera memory card at least once
22) Revisit Seattle, Washington
23) Gamble in Vegas
24) Spend at least a year working in an emergency veterinary clinic
25) Visit the UK
26) Own a snake
27) Shoot a gun
28) Take 1 picture every day for a year
29) Buy a new car
30) Adopt a kid
31) Donate to locks of love
32) Get a tattoo in 3 different states
33) Get a tattoo in another country
34) Spend a week backpacking with friends
35) Learn to ski
36) Visit Toronto, Canada
37) Be vegetarian/vegan for 3 years strait, then a lifetime
38) Photograph a moose
39) Donate blood
40) Sled down a hill on a pizza box
41) Sled down a hill on a Papa Johns take and bake pizza tray
42) Make 3 interesting vegetarian dishes without burning them
43) Take a boat to a Hawaiian island
44) Take a bus trip across the country
45) Volunteer in a hospital
46) Open a high interest bank account for retirement, put at least $20 from every paycheck into it
47) Retire comfortably
48) Write 80 letters
49) Go camping for 2 weeks without showering
50) Go 2 weeks without showering
51) Spend 1 week backpacking alone
52) Take a road trip to NYC
53) Turn 1 room of a house into a greenhouse
54) Volunteer in a soup kitchen
55) Paint a room black
56) Spend a week wearing nothing but black
57) Go skinny dipping (aka chunky dunking)
58) Use a waterfall as a shower
59) Go to a haunted place alone
60) Go to 3 rock concerts
61) Dye my hair solid black
62) Go to Niagara falls
63) Spend new years eve in times square
64) Visit stone hinge
65) Attend a Star Trek convention
66) Visit Alcatraz
67) Spend a day in my birthday suit
68) Take a cruse
69) Fly first class
70) Visit Pearl Harbor
71) See the great wall of China
72) Go to Mexico
73) Kiss a random female friend on new years eve
74) Visit Japan
75) Visit the Bahamas
76) Own a parrot
77) Use all the ink in a pen
78) Wear a Halloween costume that makes absolutely no sense
79) Kiss a gay guy
80) Write myself a letter a day during a trip and mail them to myself
81) Buy what is clearly a men’s suit, wear it around a large city, see how many people look at me funny
82) Get a Mohawk
83) Go to a club, dance badly
84) Make an obnoxious toast at a friends wedding
85) See the rock and roll hall of fame
86) Visit Houston, Texas
87) Visit Boston Massachusetts
88) Stand up at a friends wedding if asked if anyone opposes their marriage

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