unexpected night out

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an experience with a good friend of mine.

Submitted: August 05, 2009

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Submitted: August 05, 2009



A beautiful sunny day started out pretty boring. I’d done a little texting to a friend of mine to kill a little time though I knew her responses would quickly become “yeah” and die. As soon as the first of the yeah’s came through my friend Justin’s number came onto the screen. We hadn’t spoken in a few months so I answered as quickly as my phone would let me. He mentioned he was bored at his friend Vaunder’s and invited me over to hang out with him for a few hours. I got the address to the house and wound up getting lost along the way thanks to my bad sense of direction. He came and found me at a nearby Walgreen’s and we were finally able to hang out in the first time in forever. It started out with us catching up with what we’d missed about the last couple of weeks and eventually moved to where we were going to school this year, what friends were closet cases (gay/bi/lesbian but not open about it), where we planned on going with our last days of summer slowly winding down.

After about an hour he asked if I wanted anything to drink and wandered inside. I turned down the offer while he went to get a Mountain Dew. When he opened the fridge his friend had gulped down the entire twenty four pack of Mountain Dew in two days and only the box was left. He complained about how whenever he wanted Mountain Dew Vaunder had always drunken it all and he didn’t know how one person could go threw so much so fast. After complaining we hoped in Vaunder’s truck to head up to the gas station so he could get the soda he wanted. Once there he noticed Arizona iced tea was ninety nine cents for a large can and decided he wanted that instead. I grabbed a liter of Pepsi and we both went back out to the truck and drove back to the house.

After about a third of our drinks and a lot more talking he realized he really needed a cigarette; he started searching the house for a pack that had some left in it. After looking through several drawers and finding empty boxes (and some things most wouldn’t want to know about) he was frustrated. His 18th birthday hadn’t passed yet (he had until May to wait) he wasn’t able to go to the station and buy anything knowing that if he tried he’d be carded by the clerk. I offered to buy him something knowing I got carded for almost nothing and was more than old enough anyway. We went back to the station and he got what he wanted. While he was smoking he sat on the rail of the back porch so I wouldn’t smell like smoke when I left. After awhile he invited me back into the house so he could go to the bathroom again and then take a drive over to his grandmothers so he could make sure his mother had closed the door to his grandmother’s home. While I waited for him to finish in the bathroom I focused on a blanket that had been hung on the living room wall. I’d seen blankets hung like this before (I’d once had one of a boy band I liked on my bedroom wall and in other homes) but never one like this one. It had two red dragons in front of some sort of symbol done in grey. I didn’t know what the symbol meant but for some reason the more I looked at it the more I became drawn to the blanket. Justin game out of the bathroom and asked if I was ready to go before I got a chance to ask about the blanket. The two of us went to his grandmother’s (which was ten miles or so away) and left after seeing that the door had been closed. On the way back to the house he asked me what my position on the spirit world was and what my beliefs in them where.

After saying that I did believe some souls did get trapped on earth instead of taking the leave they needed to he said that he knew of a great spot to go ghost hunting and invited me to go with him. I agreed to go and we agreed to meet again after he finished dinner with his mother. Around five thirty I drove him from Vaunder’s to his mother’s apartment and he agreed to text me when he was done. It was about an hour later when I got the text (and directions), filled my gas tank, and met up with him again (at the gas station thanks to me getting lost). We’d both dressed in dark cloths to help blend in with the dark and not get caught snooping in the area. I’d forgotten to bring my digital camera to see if I could get anything there from the sites but Justin had already brought his own with him.

Before heading out for the first of two sights we stopped at Vaunder’s again to get a flashlight. When we got there someone had gone on a cleaning streak and a lot had been moved around. The only thing that could be considered close to dirty was some pizza boxes and a bottle of soda left on the table. I used the bathroom one last time since it was taking Justin awhile to find the flashlight he was looking for. I let him drive my Optima since he already knew where he was going. For the first few minutes he only half focused on driving because the other half was focused on petting my steering wheel and saying “pretty”. Once he was finally done loving my car I asked about the blanket on the wall that had drawn me so strongly earlier and I was fighting to not stare at right before we left the house. He explained that it (and much more of the decor in the house and garage) was pagan. Vaunder had it made while he was visiting Scotland on a vacation. He didn’t go in to the religion very deeply. The little he did tell me was that he was also pagan (under the general term or under the broad sense I’m not sure) and that they believed that every person had a spirit guide that followed them.

The small explanation that I had gotten drew me to the religion more but I was too nervous to ask him more about it. We continued out to an area called Third Bridge (or Third Bridge number two depending on who you where talking to or where you were looking) explaining that pilgrims had lived there near Indians. One day they pilgrims and the Indians had fought there and the Indian tribe had been killed along with many of the pilgrims themselves. He had picked up orbs there with his camera and since he was a sensitive (which I was aswell without being able to put a word to it) he had been able to pick up some of the feelings of the spirits there. He brought a friend of his with him before (also a sensitive but she was more visual) who picked something up as well.

After about a half an hour he began to slow down on the dirt road we were on because of a ghost dog that always replayed its death along the road. We didn’t see it because of the amount of light still left and continued on to the bridge. When we got there we stopped on the bridge I could weakly see the orbs myself without looking at the pictures that Justin was taking. I could also see what seemed like a darker spot (which I later discovered was an Indian guard) sitting near the trees. We went to one more spot that night for one other haunting (a murder-suicide) and headed back to the bridge on our way back. There where some college students parked on the bridge and Justin decided to get an evil streak. We pretended to live up the road and asked if they wanted to go to the house of the murder-suicide. We lead them about halfway there when the lead car stopped and started to turn around. Once Justin realized they where chickening out he turned around and completely blacked out our car once he was sure they knew we were following again.

This freaked them out more and they slowly began to stop. We went speeding past them and heading back to the city roads. Soon we had to pull over to the side because neither of us could focus on driving. I was laughing so hard it stung and could barely see, I thought Justin would fall out of the car if the door wasn’t closed. Once the two of us could stop laughing enough to talk again he asked if I’d seen the Sweeny Todd movie. We started driving again while talking about the movie (and another friend of ours that liked it) we put in the soundtrack and started singing along. He slowed down when we started hitting a set of houses and saying to himself “Where is that damn dog?” When I asked about the dog he replied that there was a residual haunting (a ghost that relives a moment over and over) in the area. That always ran in front of a car, got hit, and left a streak of blood without there ever being a corpse behind the car. It appeared so suddenly that the driver never had a chance to avoid the collision. When some of his other friends and himself had asked the owner in the house nearby if he owned a dog he explained that he had one years before that had died after being hit by some college students years before. Almost as soon as he finished explaining the story of the dog it appeared out of nowhere in my headlights as clear as if it had been in a body. I said “Oh my god it’s a dog!” immediately and started to freak. Luckily enough it didn’t complete the memory and didn’t run in front of the car. Justin pointed out that it was the dog. I was still in shock and pointed out that it was a collie. I thought for a few moments longer wondering why it didn’t run in front of my car like it had with others on so many different occasions. My thoughts were interrupted when Justin asked which track one of the songs was. We turned to it, turned the radio up and started to sing along again, relieving some nerves. We started talking about Sweeny Todd again until we got back to city roads and back to Vaunder’s. After returning the flashlight to Vaunder’s and dropping Justin back at his apartment I started my drive home. I kept thinking about the night and everything that had happened that day, wondering what I was being told. At midnight I finally got back home and headed up to my room. I opened a journal I kept and wrote some about what happened that night before trying to sleep.

At first it seemed I’d fall asleep easily but then a choking feeling came. I was used to this being a once a year occurrence and just passed it off as the once it would come. It lasted about ten minutes but came up again a few minutes after the last one ended. I turned from my back to my side to see if it would help and it ended quicker this time but I could feel children’s hands pushing against me. I rolled over again but could still feel the hands pushing against me. I started freaking out but didn’t move. Soon they stopped and I was able to sleep, at least for the time being. I woke up several times throughout the night to the hands pushing on me and never slept for long. The next mourning I got out of bed (still really tired) and got on the computer.

I looked up information on paganism and spent about two hours on it. The rest of the day I couldn’t focus on much else besides what I had learned that mourning. After getting a chance to relax that day I decided to try something new for the first time in a few years, take on a religion. I pushed everything I learned from the Christian bible out of my mine and let everything I knew about the pagan religion flow through my mind. I felt a sudden calm that I hadn’t felt in a year and a half flow through my mind. Like all the poison from the past few years hadn’t been there. The struggles I’d always faced being bisexual were gone, the affect of having being beaten by the ex became an almost silent wisper instead of a deafening roar, and everything in the world seemed like it had been before any of the bad had ever happened. When I tried to bring Christianity back into my mind as my religion I couldn’t do it, the pagan ideas stayed and stuck the way that a religion never had. I felt such a peace with paganism and its divine that I didn’t want to go back to the one that I had believed in before, I knew that because of something so simple that I wouldn’t feel that much inner turmoil again.

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