Tallulla's Story Chapter 2

Tallulla's Story Chapter 2 Tallulla's Story Chapter 2

Status: Finished

Genre: Action and Adventure



Status: Finished

Genre: Action and Adventure



Second chapter to Tallulla's Story
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Second chapter to Tallulla's Story

Chapter1 (v.1) - Tallulla's Story Chapter 2

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Second chapter to Tallulla's Story

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 06, 2013

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 06, 2013




Chapter 2

She was bought back to reality by someone shoving her into the back of a van slightly too rough and she gasped as her head collided with the bench that lined the sides of it. She slowly slipped into darkness as blood seeped through a cut at the side of her face.

 It took a while to revive her again but they managed to halfway to their destination. Groggily she sat up and looked at Tom who was peering at her cautiously. “Tom is that you?” She whispered.

 “Yeah it’s me. I would of thought you would recognise your own brother your own twin for that matter.” He chuckled to himself.

“S’rry bout dat kiddo I don’t recognise me own strength sometimes.” The same gruff voice that had ‘saved’ her from the beach said from the front seat. Half a dozen thoughts went through her mind altogether. What’s happening? Why did they bomb the village? Why did they only save me? What’s so special about me? What happened to Mac (her best friend) and every other friend she had?

“Where are you taking us?” she voiced the last thought aloud. Instead of one of the people hovering around her who answered it was Tom.

“From the little they’ve told me any place they take us we’ll be better than the place the king’s men would have taken us.”

“The king’s men? What do you mean ‘better than the place the king’s men would’ve taken us?” She demanded. Tom peered over to the driver’s seat and a rough voice told him that that was enough and he would tell her everything as soon as they got to a safe place. She started to sit up and Tom realising what she was trying to do helped her onto the bench at the side of them. She scanned the van and saw five others, one woman, who was driving, and the rest all men. “Who are you? What do you want with us?” Tallulla asked.

“We’re trying to help you love I promise we don’t want to hurt you.” The woman said softly and then after a moment’s thought added “I’m Megan.” Megan then gave a look to the men sat behind her that said ‘be polite we need to make her trust us’ but only obviously only one was paying attention.

“I’m Caleb.” The incredibly hot guy sat in next to her said “And this is my brother Jayke.” He nodded to the other hot guy sat across from them on his phone. “Hey.”Jayke muttered and carried on tapping away on the Blackberry. “I’m Bobby,” said an older looking guy in the other corner “and don’t mind him he’s just worried about his girlfriend she had a…shall we say ‘close encounter’ the other day.”

“She nearly died thanks to her ruddy flirting skills.” Jayke growled.

“He’s also pretty sensitive bout it.” Explained the only person they hadn’t introduced.

“And who are you? She quickly asked as she recognised it as the voice who had thrown her into the van.

“Am Roc. Ya can call ma Uncle Roc if ya must though.”

“Why would I call you Uncle Roc?” she said obviously puzzled.

“Evidently because I’m ya uncle. I thought you were smarter than that kiddo.”

“But if you are our uncle why were we put with Yvonne and Mark then?”

“Cuz your ‘air was a big enough tell-tale without me around too. The kings’ men would’ve found ya in a matter of seconds. An in case ya wanted ta know Yvonne and Mark and a few others managed to make it out alive”

“What do you mean ‘my hairs a big enough tell-tale’? And I don’t really care what happened to Yvonne but it’s nice to know Mark’s alive and who were the others that made it out alive?”

“Can I ask? What story ya were told about why yer ‘airs red? An I dunno who else got out of there.”

“Oh.” After a while she continued. “Apparently I collapsed into a pool of my father’s blood and the blood stained it. But I’m guessing from the look on your face that isn’t the true story,” she sighed “so come on then what is the true story?”

“Go on then.” Roc said exasperated to Bobby who was almost bursting.

“Well,” Bobby started. “There’s a Prophecy that anyone with any kind of powers has heard it says ‘When she whom does not know her true powers father dies her hair will turn burgundy and then all shall know whom the promised child is.’ When your father died your hair turned burgundy everyone good and bad then got excited because the promised child finally walked amongst them but Roc here realised that it was no time for celebration it was a time for even greater worries. Like getting you to safety. He had watched his own brother die and he wasn’t able to do anything about it. Instead of mourning though he thought more about you and your mother. He didn’t sit there and go into depression, like you thought your mother did, he found a place where he thought that you would be safe until it was time for you to know the truth. He sent you to Yvonne and Mark’s. The image of your mother dead had to be planted into your head so that you truly believed that she was dead and then you would only be recognised as the poor little orphan with the stained hair and nothing else.”

“So you’re telling me my mother’s alive.” Tallulla exclaimed happily.

“Yep your mothers alive, well, and looking forward to seeing you both again.” Bobby determined.

“That’s enough information while we’re under enemy lines, for now that is.” Roc told them and everything was quiet while they let Tallulla and Tom digest this information. “Wait,” Tallulla said suddenly remembering something, “You haven’t told me what the king has to do with this. Isn’t he supposed to be a gracious, loving man?” She waited as they nodded their heads and Jayke finally decided to join in the conversation. “Supposedly. Everyone who knows the legends and looks hard enough can figure out that he isn’t all what he seems.”

“What do you mean?” Tallulla said puzzled.

“I mean the king isn’t as good and lovable, and all the other lies those people fed you, as he makes out he is.” He carried on.

“That’s enough Jayke!” Roc barked out the order “You can tell her as much as you want when we get to Witchhelm.”

“Witchhelm?” Tom butted in.

“The first town into Yzeeec.”

“Yzeeec?” He badgered.

“The majikal city.” Caleb explained “Yshangri and Yzeeec used to be one big country then we split into two after the Shadow King fell.”

“Umm…Shadow King?”

“The Shadow King made everyone who didn’t have any powers lives a living hell some people call him the Hell King but most call him the Shadow King.”

“I said that’s enough Jayke!” Roc suddenly roared. Jayke gave up and went back to tapping away at his blackberry. 

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