Lay Your Burden Down

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Mourning and Loss

Submitted: November 11, 2012

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Submitted: November 11, 2012




It’s not your burden to carry anymore,

Lay it down.

It’s time they were laid to rest.

You’ve carried them all far too long.

 Burdens weighing on you,

pushing you,

holding you down.

A Family lacking in support, lacking in love.

Friends turning on you,

 leaving you,

 ridiculing you as they depart,

tearing you down to all who’ll listen.

It’s time to lay down

 all your fears and insecurities.

Distance has always separated us 

But now it’s a chasm,

An unfathomable divide.

I wish I could’ve picked them up

taken them from your shoulders

even if only for a little while.

What should I have said,

what could I have done,

what would’ve made a difference.

I tried being there,

through the weeks that became months

and the months that became years.

Being there was my way

of showing my friendship

of showing my support,

of showing my love.

What did you see,

what did you need from me

what should I have done,

what could I have said.

Lay your burdens down.

Only those of us who walk the Earth

have burdens to bear.

My burden now includes sorrow

A type of which I’ve never known before,

An aching, a loss,

an increased feeling and awareness

of my own inadequacies’

both as a friend, and as a person.

Why don’t I question more,

probe more

confront problems more.


If I did would you still walk this earth?

We talked that night, you and I,

small talk, mostly meaningless,

of your Halloween and

of you making a new friend.

A forever friend you called her.

I didn’t know that forever would be so short

or come so quickly.

While we talked were you

setting up your queue on Tumblr

the sequence timed to display

only after you were gone.

Your last picture and last tweet were enough

To bring me to my knee’s.

When did you take that final picture

the one that won’t leave my mind’s eye,

tears brimming in your eye.

What caused that final Tweet,

Your last words to the world,

to me,

“help me”




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