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once again, b*tchy snitchez

Submitted: August 19, 2010

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Submitted: August 19, 2010



I'm sick of these lies

I'm done with my rhymes.

I'll tell it to you straight,

I used to look up to you.

I used to cry over you,

I lied for you.

God, let's face it.

You were like my brother,

you were a friend to me.

Now you're just a snitch

you little f*cking f*ggot b*tch.

You narked me out,

it must be your art.

Get a life,

you ain't worth this strife.

Whether I fly

or I die

I'm done with your phony lies.

I'm going to learn

to do it all without you.

I don't want you around.

You're square,

too bad your so round.

Hate me

Kill me

Bite me

Scartch me

Love me

Hold me

But you'll never forget me.

Because you're a snitch

and that's what you do b*tch.


Excuse the language.

Someone close to me

told a bunch of liez.

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