My paranormal experiences

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Two personal paranormal experiences I had in Albuquerque New Mexico during the mid-2000's.

Submitted: August 21, 2013

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Submitted: August 21, 2013



I was never a believer in ghosts throughout my life. I would and still do consider myself a skeptic who looks for logical answers in everything I see that cannot be easily explained. I also consider myself a strong guy, mentally and physically. I normally do not get scared very easily, but I did experience some things over the last two years that I still cannot explain and cannot find any logical answers to that frightened me more than anything else has in my life. 

One night in August 2005 in a large city in New Mexico while my wife and I slept in our bed, I awoke from my slumber and looked over towards our open bedroom door. It was dark and I don't know why I focused at this area, but as I did I saw what I believed to be a small figure standing there looking in at my wife and I in bed. It was so real that I screamed at the top of my lungs at first glimpse. Of course, once I screamed and looked back towards the figure, it was gone. 

That experienced passed and nothing out of the ordinary happened again after that until April 2006 when one night while sleeping in the same bed I awoke again in the middle of the night and happened to glance over to the door way. This had turned into somewhat of a habit since my experience months before (an act where I forced myself to look hoping not to see anything), and luckily I hadn't seen anything since. This time, once again, I didn't see anything. But, after looking towards the doorway, I rolled over to lie on my other side when I caught a glimpse, and then a full view of an apparition at the foot of our bed. It was either very tall or floating above the ground. It almost touched the ceiling. My first impression was that it was a female, but it had no real features that I could make out other than the shape of its body and head with what seemed to be long hair. It was a faint greyish white in color and slightly transparent. Once again I screamed at the top of my lungs (like a little girl) and my wife instantly woke up. And once again, the apparition was gone. This time though, as I frightfully explained what I saw to my wife, we both experienced something. It was still dark in the room and as I described to her what I had just seen, the fan (a tall oscillating floor-standing type) that was at the foot of our bed, near where I saw this thing, made an odd whirring noise (that I can only describe as sounding like a power surge), it then bumped against the wall behind it (which could have only been pushed with some considerable force) and then it turned off. No lie. To say that we both weren't frightened out of our minds is an understatement. I immediately got out of bed, turned on pretty much every light in the house and looked around to try and calm myself. I went back into our bedroom, turned the fan back on and it worked fine. 

Nothing was found out of the ordinary throughout the house that night and no more extreme experiences have occurred since then (other than an occasional bump in the night). Additionally (coincidentally or not), during the period of time when both of these experiences occurred, two family members (one very close to me) and several friends of mine had passed away (albeit the family members died many miles away across the country). 

To be honest, I still glance several times as I wake throughout the night to see if anything is there even though we now live in a new house out of state. Sometimes I do need to do a double-take, but it always turns out to be nothing (that I can prove anyway).


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