School Time

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This is but a few sound that I have heard/seen personally within my school, and is most likely seen throughout all high schools.

Submitted: January 08, 2014

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Submitted: January 08, 2014



Laughter in the hallways,
Hollering and hooting seniors,
Shy and scared juniors,
Waiting to leave this place.
Here we all start off.
The screeches of moving chairs,
The thud that comes after every dropped bag,
The click of a pen ready to write,
Tapping of a beat, no one hears.
We start again.
Heads hung low,
Smashing doors,
Clicking locks,
Screams from unknown places.
This is the place we must stay.
Snorts of laughter,
Loud words ringing out,
Ringtones of phones going off,
Moaning of the bell rings.
We will soon be free.
Tapping the beats of silent songs,
The quiet sounds of chatter,
Chuckling to a joke, no one gets.
Cheers ringing out as the last bell rings.
We are free until tomorrow.

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