The Man of Interest

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To the masterbation of my dirty mind...I feel like being romantic today :), and....extremely nasty >:D

Submitted: October 29, 2011

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Submitted: October 29, 2011



That quiet, shy, candle-lit dinner, with evening-filled piano music, and the sweet scent of delicate ruby roses, and the gushing secracey of the over-zealous couples. The hushed tone of the light gives the restrant a sexy look of intamacy. Over the fine china and silverware i see the man of interest. His name is of no importance but only his stature. His grace. Chivalry. Unusual glare.

The Man of Interest glows in the candle light, his soft smile and firm, tempting lips glossy, and full. The gaze he gives me is full of sensuallity, and the tencious look of passion on his face. His features are stifiling and dynamically expressive of his thoughts. He's thinking of me. Only me. And He's thinking dirty.

Under the table, i rest my leg against his.

My head is spinning.

Gentle, gentle, oh so gentle, i place my hand lightly over his. His fingers curl around mine, then de-tracting and rubbing my palm, my fingers, in the crest of my elbow.

Though this whole time we haven't spoken, I feel in tune with his thoughts and feelings

Actions speak louder than words.

We're outside, after the accomplements of dinner, and its chilly. The temperature hightens my sex drive. He hangs his jacket over my shoulders and we take hands as we walk to the parking lot.

His car is on the third level, but we decide to walk. We talk of our greatest dreams and fantasies. One bieng kinky sex.

As slow as we're taking things, when we hit the highway i start seductivley rubbing his leg. As soon as i get too near- He swerves his car into a pole. We get a few honks and Fingers as i smile. How cute.

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