I'd rather be dead

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

might have a few spelling mistakes.
i personally like this story , i wrote it at school and got a really high level for it so im pleased with it lol.


Hi my name is Alex Young, my life was perfectly fine , I had all the looks and I was realy good at sport. But something happened to me, I think it was about 10 or 15 years ago, it changed my life forever. This is my story. 
 I was on my way home from my friends house, it was nearly midnight, so I thought I would take a short cut home through the forest. I always go though the forest but never at night  because it always looked too scary, and I was way too tired to walk 3 blocks home.  
As I walked through the forest, I heard some strange noises that realy freaked me out so I started to walk quicker. The noises sounded like someone was whispering, then screaming sound followed and they got louder and louder, so  I started to run . I had fallen over a branch and fell to the floor with a thud, I started to get back up but all of a sudden a gust of wind pushed me back down. I had no idea were the wind came from because it was a fine night.
About 10 minutes later I was nearly home and the noises had stopped, then I came to a stop. There in front of me was a swamp and the weird thing about it was that the swamp wasn’t there before.
It was kind of scary so I started to walk back, but as I turned around the path wasn’t there anymore, it was covered with trees. So I was looking all around for an exit but there were none, everywhere I turned was blocked by trees. 
The swamp was a slime green colour and it reminded me a sick. The smell was foul, it smelt like year old rotten eggs. The swamp was bubbling like mad and then I saw an image emerge from it, I was petrified. I froze in complete fear wondering what was going to happen next. I couldn’t help but to stare as I watched the image get closer to me. 
The image wasn’t an image it was a young boy that was carrying an axe!!!! I screamed at the top if my voice. All of a sudden the boy talked " Yes, im glad you've came, I thought I was going to be stuck here for ever…"
"W..Wait what are you on about, I never meant to come here I was on my way home." I said with a nervously.
" Really, once a full moon I’m here waiting for someone to come by, but they never do. Now you have came I’m sad to say your never going to see daylight again."
"W..What! No that’s impossible, you can't say that. Why are you carrying that axe, your  going to hurt me aren’t you?"
" Why of course I am. The thing is I’ve been here for nearly 100 years and for me to rest in peace I was given this axe so I could  kill someone and they could take my place at the bottom of that swamp.  Now you have came im sad to say your going to take my place!"
"NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!" I screamed, turned around and started to run.
"Run all you want, your never going to escape."
 As I turned my head to look back I tripped and fell to the ground. The boy came closer and closer, I crawled trying to get away. 
The last thing I saw was the boy swing his axe and it must of killed me, well atleast I thought it killed me.
I came too about a hour later but when I looked around I wasn’t in a hospital or anything , I was just surrounded by slime. Then it came to me, all what the boy had said to me was true because I was stuck at the bottom of the swamp and the worst thing about it was, he took the axe with him so I am stuck here for ever unless someone can save me… somehow…
A couple of days had passed and It seemed my mother had called the police, because a week later a search party was out looking for me. I new this because they came to look in the forest and I could hear them. So I started to shout and scream and someone must of heard me because they came to the swamp.  They found my shoes on the floor that lead to the swamp (the must of fell off while I was trying to get away). One of the police officers looked over the swamp and my arm jumped out like a spring and grabbed the police officer. He screamed and as I pulled him in, I started to come out. More police officers came and pulled us both free from the swamp. 
I got rushed to hospital and I was in there for several weeks, I hadn’t broken a single bone, but I now know why I was in there so long. The slime had burnt and dissolved my skin . Now I cant go out of the house because the fresh air can kill me. I only have 1 layer of skin left and the slightest touch can hurt me. Im stuck in this house for ever and there’s nothing I can do about it…
I would rather be dead than like this… 

Submitted: April 23, 2012

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