Chess argument in class

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Chess argument that I am submitting to my teacher :)
He thought chess wasn't a sport so I am going to give this to him but I am posting it first :)

Submitted: June 14, 2012

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Submitted: June 14, 2012



Chess is a sport!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


According to 9 tenths of the world chess is a sport!!! They have chess competitions and everything; I would consider it more of a "mind" sport than a "physical" sport, but it's a sport. It’s a physical sport by moving your figures wrists.

Use the national standards for sport coaches to:

  • Provide quality training that will have a positive impact on coaches' performance
  • Provide a performance guide for individual professional growth and skill development.

Chess has all of those requirements!!!! You train in the rules and ways of chess to become better at it, and if I remember all other sports do the EXACLTY THE SAME!!! There are coaches for all sports correct??? Chess also has a couch for each team.

Chess has little physical activity but that makes no difference in how much they lose by brain power. Chess players need to eat and drink as much as any average basketball player and soccer player. So why should that make a difference to Chess players!!! Chess also has physical activity in it by moving the chess pieces and moving computation to computation. Also bending and moving hand can be concentered a very important part in all sports like rowing, car driving, karate, basketball. You also need a brain to play sports right?? You need strategies and plans.

Most people think Chess is a game but in sports talk isn’t a match for any sport called a game and video games are considered a sport. So what’s the difference from sitting in front of a TV and sitting at a table being active??? A chess game is called a match or a game but so is EVERY THING ELSE.

Yes people can tell you where to move but not in a real match… It’s against the rules!! But in that sense when you’re playing soccer doesn’t the crowd shout out where to kick and run to??? If you think that it’s easy to play Chess it’s just as easy to kick a ball. But now you are most likely thinking that not necessarily because you might have a hard opponent, well the same applies to chess.


From your student Celeste :)

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