Graduates and Their Hypocritical Parents

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This is how some teenagers feel. Adults just don't seem to understand.

Submitted: July 14, 2013

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Submitted: July 14, 2013



Life of the Average Graduate


In my mind: Can i make it in the real world? 


My Parents: Yes, you will no matter what.


Will i amount to anything?


Of course you will. We didn't, so you have to!


What if i don't want to go to college?


That's nonsense! We want you to have a better life than us, and you need to go to college to do that!


I feel like i'm a worthless human being. That i no longer serve a purpose. Because all i do is work minimum wage, live in your house, and have no social life. I wasn't good enough to get scholarships. So if i even wanted to go to college, i'd have to pay a fortune.


It's okay honey. Things will get better. You'll go to college. We didn't, so you have to! (A couple years later, and nothing changed. My parents then gave up on me. I didn't want to waste all my money that i earned from my tedious day job on college. I'd probably end up broke even if i did, and fail. They also kicked me out, so i now reside wherever i can. If you have a place i can live, please let me know.) 


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