Any Given Psycho

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1. you lose something important
2. worst person possible finds it
3. get it back and its not the same

Submitted: December 12, 2015

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Submitted: December 12, 2015



 “Dinner's ready, Amelia,” I call out to her from the kitchen. I place two shiny white plates and set the freshly mashed potatoes and steak onto the table.


“Amelia?” I call again as I walk towards her room. I furrow my eyebrows at the silence and knock once on her bedroom door.


“Amelia, open up. It's Cerys,” I say as I lean onto her door frame. “If you don't open this door, I will,” I say authoritatively before I start to count back from ten. I wait patiently before facing the door once again and knocking forcefully twice. I let out a small sigh of annoyance and grab the door handle firmly. I turn it as I push the door in.


“Amelia?” I say, glancing around the room quickly. I hesitantly step in, looking around at the plain beige walls and the drawings she's glued onto them to liven up the room. She was talented, for sure. But she wasn't here. I walk out of her room angrily, slamming the door behind me. I sit down on the worn-out grey sofa, stressing out. She wasn't allowed to leave without me. No, she wasn't allowed to leave at all. I get up, kicking over the coffee table in front of me. I start to pace back and forth, wondering where she could have gone. I punch the wall and scream. I frantically pick up the phone and dial the first person on my speed dial list, Marcus. I start to stammer, panic filling my voice, “Marcus, I lost her.”


“How did you lose her?” He speaks with anger in his voice. “You can't just lose a person, Cerys,” I groan at his obvious statement, rolling my blue eyes.


“I know you can't just lose a person, Marcus, I'm not an idiot,” I say defensively. “Don't start blaming me for this. You're the one that left me in charge of watching her to start with.”


He sighs slightly because of my arguing. “So what are we going to do?” he asks. I hear him start to shuffle around.


“Well, I was hoping we could find her,” I say with a tone of annoyance. “Are you going to help?” I ask while grabbing my leather jacket off of a chair in the kitchen and sliding it on without further delay.


“Of course. I'll be there in five,” Marcus notifies before I hang up the phone. I walk into my room, which is just down the hall from Amelia's, and start rummaging through the drawers. I sigh heavily as I pull my gun out of the top drawer and slide it into the back of my pants, pulling my shirt over top of it to hide it from the public. I clean up hurriedly, shoving things back into drawers before Marcus arrives. I hear three hard knocks on the front door and I run towards it and open it for him.


“Ready?” He asks, putting his hands into his pockets calmly. I nod once and start walking out the door and locking it behind me. We start walking towards where we found her last month; the Fountain of Life and Death downtown.


“I'm really sorry babe,” I apologize to break the silence. My voice sounds high and girly. “She must have slipped out the front door while I was working today. I didn't even notice. She's always shutting herself up in her room and reading all day. I assumed she was doing just that while I made us dinner,” I say. I shake my head with disappointment in myself for not even thinking about checking on her once before we ate.


“You should have been more careful. This could be the end of our lives because of your little fuck-up,” he says without emotion.


“You're being ridiculous, babe. She's just a girl.” I raise my hands up to my shoulders to defend myself.


“Yeah, just a girl that our lives depend on, smart ass.” He rolls his eyes, crossing his arms. “We'll find her, don't worry.”


“I sure hope so,” I grumble. “We both know what'll happen if they got her first. Best case scenario, they kill her,” I tell him. He nods, keeping his overly calm idiosyncrasy. We continue to walk to the fountain in complete silence. We both concentrate on thinking of where she could have gone if not there. We arrive after several minutes of walking. We immediately look around for her as we walk in opposite directions around the snow-globe shaped fountain. We do one full lap without any sign of her and I start to panic again.


“We're going to get them before they kill her,” I hiss as I start to storm off into their direction. Marcus follows shortly behind me and tries to keep up with my pace.


“Are you fucking insane, Cerys?” he curses. “There's two of us and probably fifty of them. We'll die.”


“I might be insane, but I'm not losing her,” I boom as I speed up with every word.


“Cerys! We need to plan this out before we do anything too hasty.” Marcus says calmly but still with a little command in his voice.


“Fine, fine. We've been here before. Stealth is the key. Keep close to the walls, but keep your gun on hand. Get it? Got it? Good.” I say without even looking at him. I hear him sigh behind me, knowing he can't argue with me. He's known me and my stubborn nature for 19 years. I glance over at him once and he nods. I keep my fast pace all the way until we arrive at the mansion.


“Are you sure about this?” Marcus asks and focuses his green eyes onto me.


“Are you doubting me?” I answer his question with one of my own. He shakes his head quietly. I pull my gun out of the back of my pants and take the safety off. I look up at Marcus who nods and does the same with his.


I quickly reference the time on my phone, knowing when the men on the inside normally take their five minute break. We lean up against the vine-covered walls of the mansion and listen carefully. We hear it get quiet inside and I lean over and grab the door handle, pushing the door in a few inches and then ducking behind cover again. I look over at Marcus and give him a small nod, pushing the door in all the way and slowly begin to move in. Once I do, I make direct eye contact with their leader. I feel a sharp pain in the centre of my face and fall over backwards as it all goes black.


I wake up what feels like only seconds later and glace around the unfamiliar room. The walls are long and incarnadine. There's several dim lights on the roof and a lamp in the corner. I start to stand up but immediately notice I can't. I'm tied down to a chair. I start to struggle in the frayed rope tied around my wrists and ankles. I shortly run out of breath, giving up and relaxing in the chair. I feel my eye throb a few times. I must have been punched hard.


“Cerys, my dear friend,” I hear a low voice speak from behind me. “What brings you here on this fine evening?” The man chuckles from behind me, walking up closer and grabbing my shoulders. I flinch at the unexpected touch. “I'm not very pleased with you deciding to interrupt my work today.”


“Where is she?” I say, grinding my teeth.


“Why?” I see him walk around the chair. “Aw, Cerys are you in love with her?” He chuckles maniacally.


“No, I want the money. They'll give us the money for her soon and then I can pay off what I owe you.” I say with a straight face as to not let him read too much into my words.


“Well, you owe me ten grand and you're overdue,” he says, slapping me across my face.


I take a few deep breaths before looking up and screaming at him, “Where the fuck is she?!” I lunge myself in my chair forwards, falling flat on my face.


“Looks like you'll never find out. I'm tired of waiting for my money, Cerys. This little hostage thing isn't working anymore. Your time is u-” He gets cut off by the loud boom of a gun. He looks down slowly at his stomach, noticing the blood slowly leaking out of a fresh bullet wound. He falls forwards, unconscious and bleeding out. I look forward and see Marcus standing tall with a gun in his hand. He smiles at me as he lowers his right hand back down to his hip, putting his gun back into the side of his pants.


Marcus walks behind me and lifts up my chair off of the ground. He pulls out a small pocket knife and flicks it open in one smooth motion. He swiftly cuts the rope from around my wrists and ankles.


“Thanks Marcus,” I say as he grabs my hands and helps me stand up. I rub my wrists lightly from the mild rope burn which had accumulated. “Did you find her?” I ask.


“No, I didn't. But I figured out where they're keeping her.” He shakes his head as he speaks but ends it with a shrug.


“Well, what are we waiting for?” I ask, rolling my eyes at him. I look down at the twitching corpse of the man as it stops moving. I cringe at the sight and turn away and walk slowly behind Marcus as he leads me around the house quietly and takes me to the basement.


Marcus and I stick against the wall, sneaking behind the man watching the room. Marcus, being the stronger one of us, grabs him from behind, putting the man into chokehold and slitting his neck quickly with his pocket knife. I look away from the scene and open the door behind the man to see a small, fragile girl blindfolded and her white cotton clothing torn and blood stained. I sigh a little, walking up to her and taking off her restraints and hiking her over my shoulder.




“Don't worry, Amelia. It's just me, Cerys,” I say softly, holding her close to me for comfort. “It's okay.” I hear small mumbles of words from her but they are completely unintelligible to me. I carry her all the way out of the mansion, staying close to the wall and behind Marcus, who still has his gun on hand and his pocket knife in close range. He stays as our cover until we get out safely and bolt back in the direction of my house. We sprint the whole way with a half-conscious teenager over my shoulder.


By the time we get back, it's been about an hour of running. I lay Amelia down on the couch and grab water and bandages to her wounds. I start washing blood off her stomach and legs in a panic while Marcus stands to the side to try and keep me calm. I start to get dizzy the more I look at the blood.


A couple hours later I find myself waking up on my bed. I jump up and run out and see Marcus sitting on the side of the couch, watching Amelia.


“Evening, Sleeping Beauty.” He laughs at me while he speaks. I roll my eyes at him. “Amelia will be okay. She should wake up in a couple hours. I was thinking we could take her home tonight.”


“Take her home? Why?” I say, worried about my own life if I don't pay back the gang for the accident that I caused last year. “You know I owe them ten grand for the ten lives I cost in that attack.” I speak in a whisper, even though there's no one besides us and the now completely unconscious Amelia.


Marcus shrugs, “Yeah, but their leader is dead. We don't need to pay back someone who's dead, right?” He says, nodding slowly to make me feel dumb.


“Oh, I guess... You’re right,” I realize. I let out a sigh of relief, knowing my responsibility of watching over her was finally over. “Take her home, Marcus. She deserves to see her family again,” I say with a small smile.


Marcus picks her up bridal style and I go and open the door for him. Amelia shifts around slightly, gaining consciousness again. I look her in the eyes and she gives me a puzzling look. I respond with a small nod and she smiles at me. I wave at her as Marcus heads out the door.


As I close the door behind him, I whisper, “Goodbye, Amelia.”




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