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grade 10 writing portfolio. prompt: you're walking down the street in the rain from school when your old uncle comes, he was married to your aunt a few years ago. He offers a ride. You take it. You talk. You both change.

Submitted: December 12, 2015

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Submitted: December 12, 2015






I can feel the rain.










It could stop soon.





But for now...






I'll just keep ignoring it.













It was dumb of me to forget my umbrella. The weather forecast warned us that there would be heavy rain. But of course, I left it at home. Now I'm stuck here, in the rain, walking home.


The rain makes me think. Anger. Sorrow. Forgiveness. I guess I'm just being poetic. I always over-analyze little things. Especially the rain. Rain makes the sun disappear. Rain brings misery, depression and frustration. Rain brings pain.


Damn it Ace, you have to stop thinking about shit like that. That'll get you beat up again.


It's not like I hate the rain or anything. I don't like being wet, sure, but it's not like it's ever done anything to bug me. It's just inconvenient. It's cold.


My feet make small splashes through the puddles as I walk. The bottom of my jeans are getting wet and muddy.


Dumbass. You should have taken the bus.


“Hey kid!” I hear a shout come out of a car. It's not a very inviting car. Looks like a 1965 Mustang Convertible or something. Though, I honestly don’t care about cars that much. I decide to ignore the shout from the car and keep walking straight down the road.


“Hey kid!” I hear again.


Don’t be an asshole, Ace. Talk to him.


I give in, stopping and walking up to the car. I speak politely, “Sorry. Do I know you?” I don't look at the man inside the vehicle.


“Of course you do, Ace. It's your Uncle Levi,” he says with a smile. “Need a lift?” He unlocks the side door of the car.


“No thanks. I’m okay with walking,” I lie.


Idiot. It’s fucking pouring rain outside. Take the ride.


I really don’t feel the need to get a ride home. It’s not like it was far to walk. The bus would only take fifteen minutes. Walking should only take half an hour at most.


Take the ride, damn it. You’re getting yourself soaked. He’s not some creepy guy offering you candy. He’s your UNCLE and he’s offering you a way home.


“Oh, no, no,” he persists with a smile. “I insist.”


“Okay, fine,” I say with a sigh while getting into the car. “Thank you, I guess.”


Thank fuck. I was freezing to death.


“You’re welcome kiddo. Anything for my nephew.” He smiles at me while he pulls off the curb and drives again. “The weather is pretty bad, huh? You’d catch a cold in that storm.”

“Yeah, you’re right. It’s freezing cold outside.” I try to laugh a little but it comes out sounding completely fake.


Good job. Now he knows you’re uncomfortable.


“How’s school going?” he asks.


“Good. I’ve got good grades and cool teachers.” I shrug while I speak.


“That’s great, Ace.” He smiles, reaching over and patting my back slightly. I flinch.


“Yeah, it's wonderful.” I say quietly, leaning my head onto the window of the car and watching the rain fall onto the pavement.


Well, this is awkward.


We sit in silence for a few more minutes with my eyes glued onto the gray skies.


“So...” Levi says softly. “How's your aunt doing?” He asks the question, breaking the silence.


“Better,” I say plainly. I figured he would ask that. “Doctors say if the medication continues to work, she might be able to get out for a weekend soon.”


“That's great,” he says sadly. “I haven't seen her in years. I hope she remembers me.”


“Good luck. She doesn't remember many of us. Not even Mom.” I say sharply. My forehead starts getting cold from the window. I lift it off and look over at his scar covered face for the first time.


“She probably doesn't even want to see me.” He sighs. “It was my fault.” He looks sad. I stay quiet.


Say something you asshole.


“It's okay, I guess. She's recovering slowly.” I attempt to reassure him.


“Yeah, but it doesn't make it better,” he says softly. He then slams his fists onto the steering wheel and the car honks loudly. “I caused the accident. I caused her retrograde amnesia or whatever it's called. To make it worse I haven't even visited her once.” He screams, pulling to the side of the road. “You see, when you love someone and you almost kill her, you'll never forgive yourself.” He starts to tear up and I shut up completely. A couple minutes pass by while he calms himself down.


I've never felt pain as extreme as he's feeling.


Don't just sit there. You're such a dick. SAY SOMETHING.


“Um... Are.. you.. okay?” I say awkwardly. My voice is practically a whisper.


“No, I'm not fucking okay, Ace!” he screams at me. “My wife doesn't even remember her family and it's my fault. My fault. Damn it!”

Okay, You need to get out of here, Ace. He's looking like he's about to murder you.


“Can you just drive me home?” I force out.


Oh come on. The man's basically lost his wife and you ask him to just drive you home?


Uncle Levi looks at me and smiles. It's kind of creepy, actually.


“You know, it's okay. Let's go!” He laughs like nothing happened and pulls back out onto the road.


“Look, Uncle Levi, you can't blame yourself for what happened,” I stammer. “She's gaining her memories back everyday and she must remember you, at least a little.” I try to comfort him.


“No, it's my fault. I got her in that accident with me,” he says softly, driving straight through a red light.


“She remembers me, sort of. She knows who I am,” I say quietly.


The pain I feel everyday is nothing compared to what some people go through. I beat myself up for liking poetry. He beats himself up for almost killing his wife. My problems feel so insignificant.


You're insignificant.


“Really?” He asks, his voice hopeful.


“Yeah. Bits and pieces. You've been too scared this whole time to face your problems head on that you beat yourself up over and over.” At this point I'm saying it more for myself than for him. “And you listen to that voice that criticizes every little thing you do. Every single thought you have is stupid or irrelevant.”


Hey, I'm right here, you know. Don't talk about me like I'm all in your head. I'm not. I'm real. I'm you.


“You're right,” he says, pulling up in front of my house and stopping. He smiles, this time it seems genuine. “Maybe.. I'll go visit your aunt tonight,” he says, patting me on my back and opening up my door. I nod, shooting him a wave before I leave. “It was nice to see you, Ace.”


“It was nice to see you too.” I smile, shooting him a quick wave.


Kill yourself. You're so stupid. You're a liar. I hate you. Everybody hates you. All you think about is poetry. Grow up. Be a man.


You know what?! Shut up, okay? This is my body. This is my mind. I'm allowed to think about whatever I want.


No, you're not. You're useless without me. You're useless. You're pathetic. You'll die without me.


No, fuck you. Go away.


Goodbye Ace. It was nice knowing you. Not.















The rain has stopped.




All that's left now..




is just drops of rain

falling off the leaves.




And I feel...











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