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just a vent i may edit or add to it sometime but it's been in my head for days

Submitted: December 11, 2013

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Submitted: December 11, 2013



What is a friend. I find myself asking this more and more lately. I'm starting to think it's perhaps someone you once thought you knew. I know what it's supposed to be but I seem to find that lacking in some of the people who have claimed to be my friend. This is causing me to question. 

A friend to me is someone who is there, not just in the good, although they would be there for that, but the bad as well. A true friend is there when you feel like the world has turned on you and you want to let everything go to hell. They'll wipe your tears and dry your eyes. A true friend reminds you there are a million reasons to smile and only a few reasons to cry. They try to never be the cause of the tears. 

This doesn't mean they'll never make you cry. Crying and pain happens sometimes and can't be avoided. But a true friend would be there even if they hurt you. They'd know that the tears are temporary and some things aren't as broken as they seem. 

I'm tired of hearing 'I'm your friend', then seeing the person vanish the first time I need them. People do this a lot now days. They expect you to be there when they are down but the first sign of trouble from you, they tend to run away. Wake up people. This is not friendship. 

I'm not saying I don't have any good friends because I do actually have some. I'm blessed with a few. They're there when I need them. When I'm hurt and broken, they help me piece myself together. I do the same for them. When we're both good, we party and have a great time. I'm grateful for those that I know are my friends.

It's those that claimed to be my friend only to leave the first chance they got. Those are the ones this is for. We all know the type. The ones who are your friend until you have a bad day then they leave and don't talk to you. They may even still claim to be your friend if you ask. If you have to ask though, are they really your friend? 

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