The Music Trio Part 4

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

the big mad music trio strikes again.

The Music Trio Part 4


By Shadowgate


The Whip Donner Country Club in Boise Idaho was known for class acts. Today a group known as The Music Trio would be playing there. They had several great reviews. The ones that weren't great were said to be falsely written although they were NOT falsely written.


The club manager Dan Sweet had everything ready for The Big Mad Trio.


Lots of elderly folks in this small town country club where they were performing packed the house. They were getting dinner served by their waiters and waitresses and looked forward to some nice old fashioned song and dance music.


Robert Simpson came out and said "I'm Robert Simpson and these are my two partners Elvin McGuire and Kevin Hunt. We're the Big Mad Trio."

Robert Simpson went on to say "they will start off."

Kevin and Elvin both sing "masturbation" on low and high notes repeatedly.


Robert began to sing two minutes later.


"Masturbation is a great daily habit. I used to love watching my neighbors do it all day long. Oh masturbation!"


Kevin and Elvin continue singing "masturbation."


Two minutes later Robert begins playing a piano and singing.


"Old McDonald sitting on a bench. He was hitting his knee with a monkey wrench. Then he missed his knee and hit his balls. Then he pissed all over his overalls. He went to the kitchen and we went to fast. He rammed his knee up his grandma's ass. His grandma said 'get your Goddamn finger out of my asshole."

Elvin and Kevin hum in the background.


Several elderly people in the audience were outraged.


Robert goes on to sing "we live in France where the naked ladies dance."


Elvin and Kevin sing "naked ladies love to masturbate."


Robert sings "there's a king and queen with a rubber ding-a-ling."


Elvin and Kevin sing "the queen rapes the king with a rubber ding-a-ling. Oh what a beautiful sight."


The audience has a look of shock on their faces. Robert goes on to sing "there's a hole in the wall where the men can see it all."


Elvin and Kevin sing "la la la la"


Robert sings "there's a great big tower where the princess takes a shower."


Elvin and Kevin sing "she's naked and masturbating in the shower."


Robert sings "she was jacking off."


The country club owner came out and yelled "hold on!"


"My name is Fred Bell and I own this club. I've heard about trouble you caused a country club in Georgia just a month ago. 10 people walked out because they didn't like your vulgar lyrics."


Robert said "lots of people are laughing."


Elvin yelled "yeah Mister Bellbottom a lot of people like us and I’ll bet you’re just mad because your mommy made you eat your vegetables when you were a kid."


Fred said "no I'm mad because of your vulgar lyrics, what's wrong with you?"


Robert cut in and said "all children should eat their vegetables. Ho ho ho up in the valley of the jolly green giant."


Elvin and Kevin both said "green giant."

Robert sang in a deep voice "the jolly green giant gets luscious pussy every night."


The audience started laughing.


The club owner groaned.


Robert went on to say "we will now sing The Little Bunny Foo Foo Song."


All three sing "Little Bunny Foo Foo went hopping through the forest. Then he got castrated by a mad fairy."


The club owner Fred Bell said "that's not how the Little Bunny Foo Foo Song goes."


Elvin said "maybe you should sing to this crowd."


Robert said "I think the crowd should tell you to go away Mister Bell."


A little old lady in the audience yelled "Mister Bell you go away your mom is a big fat bitch!"


Everyone started laughing and Fred Bell was in total shock.




Submitted: October 21, 2018

© Copyright 2022 shadowgate. All rights reserved.

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