Two To One Odds

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A school principal plays favorites.

Maxwell Steel received a phone call from a secretary at Baine Hill Elementary School. He had all his work finished so he knew there was nothing to delay him from visiting the school.


He entered the school at 2PM and was very concerned. He heard horror stories about the principal who took over the school just two years prior. Now he was going to meet him because his kindergarten son Lawrence was in trouble.


When he entered the office he saw his son sitting in one of the chairs. The secretary asked "may I help you sir?"


My name is Maxwell Steel and I'm here to talk about my son Lawrence.


The secretary said "please sit down the principal will be right out."


Maxwell sat down and asked "what happened?"


Lawrence said "they lied to the teacher and got me in trouble."


Max asked "who lied?"


Lawrence started crying.


Max said "if you're telling the truth I'll fight for you. I just want to know what happened."


While Lawrence continued to sulk Max demanded to see the referral. The secretary said she did not have the copy of the referral at hand.


Max groaned. After he groaned the secretary told him to sit down and wait in a very rude manner.


Soon after that Principal Walter Chap came out of his office. He asked "are you Maxwell Steel?"


Max answered "yes sir I am."


The principal said "your son poured a bowl of purple paint on the classroom floor."


Lawrence yelled "No I didn't!"


The principal yelled "silence!"


Max said "take it easy there."


The principal took a deep breath and right after that Max asked to see the office referral. The Principal showed him the referral.


After Max read it he said "okay so according to this the teacher found a bowl of paint spilled on the floor. She says two students told her my son did it."


Principal Chapman said "that's right."


Lawrence yelled "those two girls are lying."


Principal Chap yelled "No way! How dare you call those two beautiful little girls liars! I won't stand for it!"


Max got up and yelled "don't fucking yell at my son like that. Are you so naïve that you don't believe two little girls would lie to get a boy in trouble?"


The secretary said "sir if you don't calm down I will call the police. We have police officers in this school."


Max replied to the secretary "well the police should be arresting this principal because from what I hear he deserves it."


Principal Chap became furious and said "this is why we have so many discipline problems in schools. The parents accuse us of being criminals."


Max shot back "my child is screaming and crying he didn't do it. The way he's screaming and crying and not acting cocky makes me find him believable. No adult saw him do it."


The principal inhaled and tightened his muscles in anger. He shouted "two students say they saw him do it and in a case like this we tend to believe the majority."


Max replied "if it was five or six to one you'd have a good reason to believe the majority. However I got to tell you when it comes to my child getting in trouble two to one odds don't mean shit."


The principal said "well it's going to cost us a pretty penny to clean that up so your son is suspended for three days."


Max became angry and said "I'm going to put my son in a private school. As for you and your secretary, both of you can fuck off!"


Max and Lawrence stormed out of Baine Hill Elementary School.


After they did the secretary asked the principal if he wanted a blowjob. Principal Chap said "I want you to suck me off all night long baby!"





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